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Xquisite CD Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Have you been looking for some new R&B girls to groove to since Destinys Child is on a break? Why not check out the soulful stylings of the new girl group Xquisite?

The airwaves may be filled with punk - and wannabe punk - singers and bands, but that doesn't mean there isn't fresh talent coming your way in other music genres. Check out the latest R&B girl group - Xquisite.

Xquisite: Soulful CD

Just like that super-popular R&B group Destiny's Child, Xquisite is made up of three female singers, Terri Oliver, Nirvana Savoury and Nicole Holness. And, just like Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, these girls are the real deal. Their first CD, simply titled Xquisite, is full of groovin' melodies. The first single, No Regrets, is a great mid-tempo tune with the girls crooning about stayin' strong when a guy doesn't dig ya. It's way-catchy and cool. The fast-paced Why You Do and the funky Ex-Girlfriend also hit the mark with groovin' beats and wicked lyrics. Also, the CD includes remixes in the form of four bonus tracks - and bonus tracks are a total plus for any CD.

Xquisite: Song Stylings

Let's be honest here - Destiny's Child raised the bar when it comes to female R&B trios. Nicole, Terri and Nirvana's voices blend well together and they lay down some smooth melodies, but none of the girls have the killer lungs of Beyonce Knowles or the hip-hop stylings of Kelly Rowland. It's not that big a deal, because they still sound pretty sweet. But, songs like Through the Week and Best Friends, kinda need one of those Beyonce-like vocal bursts to give it an edge.

Xquisite: Summed Up

Xquisite's debut CD has enough funky tunes and bonus tracks that it's worth a turn in your discman. Especially if you're looking for some soul in your life.


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