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Best & Worst Celeb News of 2003 (pg.2)

Dec 27, 2006

Lots of crazy stuff happened in 2003! Some celebs made some career moves, and did some stuff that was weird, funny or outrageous. Here's Kidzworld's picks for the best and worst celebrity moments of 2003.

Worst Celebrity News of 2003

The Ben and Jen Wedding that Wasn't

All the hoopla, and all the interviews, and the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck marriage never happened. Bennifer was all about flashing their little love fest in public and then all of a sudden they're so bummed by the press they can't get hitched? Whatever! Do we even care if Jen and Ben are still together anymore?

Kobe Bryant's Bad Behavin'

Yes, the charges against Kobe Bryant are serious - and it's up to the the courts to decide whether he's guilty of rape or not. But, Kobe Bryant did admit to cheating on his wife Vanessa and that's not cool. What's even lamer is Kobe buying Vanessa Bryant mountain-sized diamonds and tons of clothes to make up for it.

Britney & Madonna Make-out Session

This was the biggest and grossest attention stunt of 2003. It was just another attempt by Britney Spears to cover up her limited singing ability with nudity and sexy behavior. Madonna should consider this a dark moment in her normally good career and Christina Aguilera made the whole thing even more ridiculous by getting angry that no one focused on her kiss.

More Celebrity Lowlights of 2003
  • Michael Jackson's Arrest.
  • Everything out of Jessica Simpson's mouth on her Newlyweds TV show.
  • Paris Hilton asking "What's Wal-Mart?" on her reality TV show, The Simple Life.

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