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Quiz the Coach - I'm Not Very Aggressive

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Quiz the coach helps teens and tweens with sports and fitness related issues and problems like obesity, healthy eating questions, skateboard tricks and P.E. dilemnas. - Page 8

So ya dig sports but need some help with your game? Don't understand some of the rules of football, basketball or hockey? Got a gripe about P.E. class, skateboarders, cheerleading, coaches, or anything? Why not ?

1Hey Coach,
One of the things that really affects my performance, in a bad way, when I'm playing sports, is that I'm not very aggressive. When there are players going after the ball, part of me lets them while the other part wants to go for the ball. But, when I try to go for the ball, I get pushed away easily. I've been pretty nervous and shy my entire life and I wanna change it by being a great athlete. Can you give me pointers on how to be a little more aggressive and fearless in my game, seeing how I'm nervous a lot because of what other kids in P.E might think of me.

Hey Amir17

Most athletes, including the pros, will tell you that the most important part of their game is confidence and not being afraid to fail. Michael Jordan once said, "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." In other words, he's been so successful in basketball because he's learned from his failures and hasn't let those failures scare him.

It sounds like you don't go after the ball when you should, because you're afraid of getting pushed away or afraid of what other kids might think if you go after the ball agressively. You need to put that fear of failure aside and just go for it. It might be hard the first time, but you'll feel better when you challenge yourself, even if you still get pushed away. What's the worst thing that could happen? Even if you don't get the ball, your real friends will still like you, your P.E. teacher will probably be more impressed that you at least made an effort, and you might learn something that will enable you to get the ball next time. The more you "go for it", the more your confidence and ability on the field will improve.

Brett Boone would never have hit that homerun for the Yankees to win the American League Championship Series, if he'd been afraid of swinging and striking out; Adam Vinatieri would never have nailed the winning field goal in the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots if he'd been afraid of missing it; and Justin Timberlake would never have had a chance to make out with Britney Spears if he'd been afraid she'd say no. You may not ever become a great athlete, but you'll become a better player and a more confident person by always going for it, and not being afraid of failing.

Confidence Quote

"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself" - Muhammad Ali

Do you need tips or advice on sports, fitness or health? to the Kidzworld Coach. Keep in mind peeps, the Kidzworld Coach isn't a doctor or a professional athlete or anything like that. He's just a dude who digs sports, plays 'em and knows a lot about 'em. You should always talk to your 'rents, a doctor or your school gym teacher before starting a new sport or a new exercise.

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