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Knights of the Zodiac Action Figures from Bandai

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Get the scoop on the Knights of the Zodiac action figures from Bandai!

When it's time to battle the Knights of Ares, who do you call? The Knights of Athena! The powerful Knights of the Zodiac are awesome warriors with the moves and the mojo to put a cosmic smackdown on the forces of evil. Not only do these fighters have their own animated TV show and card game - they also have action figure toys that you can collect and play with! Here's the 411 on the Knights of the Zodiac action figures.

Knights of the Zodiac Action Figures Basics

First things first - what do you get when you snag one of the deluxe warrior boxes? You get the fully poseable, heroic warrior of your choice, of course. Plus, you also get your fave Zodiac Knight's full battle cloth so you can gear him up to kick butt. You also get this weird chicken thing that doesn't look like much, but is a great way to store the battle cloth when it's not being worn. And finally, there's a free card for the Knights of the Zodiac card game.

Knights of the Zodiac Action Figure Fun Stuff

The coolest thing about the Knights of the Zodiac action figs is that they're big figures and they're solid on their feet! You can bend 'em into all sorts of poses and, with their monstrous feet, they'll stay standing. Sweet! You can also clip their armor on piece by piece so, if your toy warrior gets into a rough fight, bits of armor can come flying off as he gets injured.

Knights of the Zodiac Action Figure Fatal Flaws

The action fig is decent, but there are some problems. The first thing is the hair - I mean c'mon, Phoenix Ikki even has a mullet! The figs' battle armor can also be pretty awkward to get on and off, especially if you manage to lose a piece (that holds another piece on).

Knights of the Zodiac Action Figure Rating: 3

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