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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Gamecube Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Get a video game review of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance SP video game consoles.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, the latest RPG video game from Square-Enix, is the first Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo system in years - and it's a weird video game. The world of Crystal Chronicles is covered in a poisonous miasma and villages use huge crystals to make safe spots so they don't get sick. But, the crystals need a yearly dose of Myrrh or they're toast and that's where you come in. You get to make a heroic character, take over a Crystal Caravan, and set out into a world of monsters to collect Myrrh.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Game Facts

Rather than using the strategy style of every Final Fantasy game from the original Nintendo to the Playstation, Crystal Chronicles is an action-adventure game. You get to run around, smacking monsters, collecting treasure and exploring dungeons, Zelda style, instead of waiting to click buttons on a menu and watch. Plus - the game is designed to be a multiplayer game and gets a bazillion times cooler if you play with your friends.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Caravan Fun

What makes Crystal Chronicles rock? First is the graphics - they're incredible. Whether you're chillin' in a town, fighting a huge boss or just checking out some crystals, they'll dazzle you. Plus, there are tons of things to do, items to find, magic to combine and places to explore. The coolest thing about Crystal Chronicles though is the multiplayer mode. The whole game is designed to be played by a bunch of people and it has a ton of features that make the game an incredible multiplayer experience.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Bumpy Ride

The biggest problem with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is that the multiplayer mode, the coolest way to play the game, can't be played with regular controllers! Every player needs their own Gameboy Advance and adaptor plug. On top of that, the game is totally complicated and will take a while before you can properly figure out what's going on.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Last Stop

It's a beautiful game but only hardcore gamers need apply. If you can figure out how to play it, and get a bunch of friends with GBAs together, you're in for the gaming experience of your life. Otherwise it's just a decent single-player action-rpg game with cool graphics.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Age Rating: Teen.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Thumbs Up:

  • Insane multiplayer action.
  • Wicked graphics.
  • No need to fight billions of monsters to level up.

    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Thumbs Down:

  • You can't play multiplayer unless everybody has a GBA or GBA SP.
  • It takes a while to learn to play properly.

    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Rating: 4

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