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Vs. System: Marvel Trading Card Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Upper Decks new Marvel Trading Card Game uses the Versus System rules - check it out here for a card game review of your fave mutant heroes & villains!

Upper Deck, the wacky gamers behind the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and a few other cool toys, have just cranked the fun knob up to 11 with their new Marvel Trading Card Game! This game uses their new Vs. System rules to pit X-Men mutants like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm and the rest against all the bad-news comic book and movie villains like Magneto, Mystique, Dr. Doom, the Sentinels and more. Check out the card game review below.

Marvel Trading Card Game Mutant Mayhem Info

The Marvel TCG lets you duel against your friends with your fave mutant heroes and villains using Upper Deck's new Vs. System. The way it works is that the cards in your hand get put down and used as your resource points to pay for your super-powered warriors. Resource cards can also be used to power up your mutants in battle and do other stuff. If you hammer your opponent's characters hard enough, your opponent will lose Endurance points and, when those run out, they're toast!

Marvel Trading Card Game Super Powers

There is an absolute ton of cool stuff in the Marvel TCG. Right off the bat, all the cards have brand-new artwork done by the comic book artists themselves and they look awesome. The game is also easy to learn, plays fast and everybody takes their turn at the same time so nobody is stuck waiting while some other dude takes their turn.

New players aren't going to be stuck buying a ton of cards to get their fave super characters either. There are lots of different versions of each big star - Wolverine, Spider-Man, Magneto, etc. - and you can get the weaker ones really easily. Plus, there are going to be tons of new super heroes including DC heroes like Batman, Superman and the Justice League. There are even plans for Image characters like Spawn to show up.

Finally, there's a big tournament league in the works where everybody will be able to win exclusive promo cards, prizes, scholarships and tons of wicked stuff.

Marvel Trading Card Game Super Villainy

It would be nice for there to be some sort of recovery mechanism so if you start to get your butt kicked you have some way of turning the duel around, but that's about the only thing missing from this game.

Marvel Trading Card Game Final Showdown

If you like mutants, superheroes, comic books, the X-Men movies, card games, collectible cards or even just winning free stuff - check this game out.

Marvel Trading Card Game Thumbs Up:

  • Awesome comic-book artwork.
  • Easy to play with your fave super heroes and villains.
  • Tons of tournaments and prizes to win.
  • More Marvel, DC and Image super characters coming up.

    Marvel Trading Card Game Thumbs Down:

  • A way to recover from getting your butt kicked would be good.

    Marvel Trading Card Game Rating: 5

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