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Disney's ToonTown Online - PC Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Get the 411 on Disneys Toontown Online - the video game of a toon virtual world where you can battle cogs to save the town!

Mickey Mouse and a huge chunk of Disney's magic cartoon kingdom is waiting for you online at the ToonTown.com site. And, with the online game available there, you can enter the cartoon world as one of the toons! So, what can you do as a toon, what's it all about and what's the deal with the Cogs? Read this game review for the 411 on livin' with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and the rest of Disney's cool toon characters in Disney's ToonTown Online!

Disney's ToonTown Online - Game Basics

The deal is that Disney's ToonTown Online lets you log on to a 3D virtual world, kinda like logging into a chat, but you can run around as a funky lookin' toon. You can hang out with other toons, chill with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, play games, make friends, dress up your toon and you even get your own toon house you can decorate. There are also evil suit-wearing Cog lawyer and boss-bots trying to take over ToonTown and you can battle them with prank attacks.

Disney's ToonTown Online - Fun Stuff

If hangin' with Mickey Mouse, playing multiplayer games, exploring the huge ToonTown world and chatting with dozens of other players isn't cool enough for you, here's more good news - if you sign up for a paid account, you unlock a ton more gaming fun and up to six people can use the same account! Plus, peeps need to register with proper ID to chat properly so if anyone acts gross, or doesn't stick to some basic chat safety tips, they can get shut down. So it's a safe place to hang out.

Disney's ToonTown Online - Bad News

You have to register and cough up $9.95 (US) per month to play ToonTown Online, but you can snag Game Cards in video game stores so it's not too big a deal. The biggest problem is that ToonTown can make older computers chug - don't try running anything else if you have a clunky old 'puter, new PCs are fine though.

Disney's ToonTown Online Game News Blast!

A free trial, tons of peeps to chat with, fun games, battling Cogs, custom house decorations and more - Disney's ToonTown Online is a blast! The monthly fee and how much it can slow down even a fast PC is a pain, but the game is totally worth tryin' out.

How to Become a ToonTown Online Toonizen

To get your very own free game trial of ToonTown Online, just follow these steps!

  • 1. Click Here to go to the ToonTown site.
  • 2. Click the big, red Play Now button.
  • 3. Read the rules and regs and, if you agree to follow them, click the blue I Agree button.
  • 4. Click the blue Next button to have it scan your system. Click Yes in the popup to have it install on your PC.
  • 5. Enter your ToonTown account info, just like registering here at Kidzworld!
  • 6. Click the red Play Now! button and get your toon on!

ToonTown Online Thumbs Up:

  • Play for free, for as long as you want!
  • Online creeps can be shut down faster than a Cog in a joke factory.
  • Get your own house [kwlink]to decorate[/kwlink]!
  • Mac users can play now too!
  • Create and dress your toon character.
  • Team up with friends to battle Cog villains with jokes.
  • Up to six people can play on one monthly account.

ToonTown Online Thumbs Down:

  • It can slow down older computers.
  • The glitchy website makes it tricky to sign up.

Disney's ToonTown Online Rating: 4

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