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Chronic Future Interview

Dec 27, 2006

Sindy: Who were your musical influences growing up?
Chronic Future: I guess I was getting into Atmosphere maybe like five years ago and Aesop Rock and anywhere from there to like The Beatles and The Clash and all the classics like The Police. And then into the things of today, The Coral is a record I've really been listening to lately. We really don't discriminate music. We just listen to everything and anything. That's kind of just what we're into.

Sindy: So right now you're listening to The Coral - what else?
Chronic Future: Yeah, The Coral has been a record I can't stop listening to and I just started to get into the Dizzee Rascal CD which is pretty interesting. It's very, very different, which I like. On top of that, new stuff we've been listening to... well, newer Antacon stuff and Mush Records, like Cloud Dead. And anything Dose One I'm a freak for.

Sindy: Nice. Well, what do you like better - playing live or recording in the studio?
Chronic Future: I like both. I love both. We spent the first six years of our bands life getting acclimated to the stage and just understanding it and learning how to give ourselves the experience. From there, when we took those three years off from playing live, we really honed in on the song writing and the studio and finding ourselves in the studio. Just a comfort level within each one of us, for being ourselves in a sterile environment like that. We found a place for it and a love for it, but yeah, I think we all love both.

Sindy: And do you guys all help write lyrics?
Chronic Future: I do the lion's share of it, with just all the raps and some of the melody lines and stuff. But, between Ben and Brandon they do pretty much everything else. It's usually that everyone will write their own part unless somebody is struggling with something. We always have each other to fall back on. But, yeah mostly the raps are a lot of work.

Sindy: Yeah I imagine they would be! So, where's the coolest place you've been able to play?
Chronic Future: We've really liked the big cities and the small towns. But as far as scenes go and just the response - we always have a great, great time in Long Island. And then down in like southern California as well, in like the LA suburbs and in LA is a great time. Just recently being able to play the different coasts and play on the beaches and stuff has been incredible and fun. I like playing in the rain too.

Sindy: What about the ultimate place you would want to play?
Chronic Future: Wow... we want to go to New Zealand and play out there and Australia and stuff, that would be incredible. I'd love to go to Japan too - that would be amazing. Yeah, so maybe someday we'll make it over there.

Sindy: Nice. So, what has been your coolest fan experience?
Chronic Future: Probably some of the coolest stuff that's happened is probably the soldiers of the war getting to us and coming to our website and posting messages and asking us questions about the video. Just like, 'What's the deal? Are you behind the war, are you behind us? Do you hate us because we're doing this?' And just being able to let them know that we're behind them and just giving them an understanding of our message that we're trying to get across. That's been the most touching thing. It's been amazing to talk to the people that are actually over there, doing the fighting and dealing with all this stuff for everybody else. That's been extremely gratifying, just to have their support and to let them know that they have ours.

Sindy: Cool. Where does the name Chronic Future come from?
Chronic Future: The band's name is just kind of a look at the older generation looking down, every single generation at the younger generation, and seeing it as this sort of chronic disease and a thing that is never going to get better and always repeating itself. And pretty much it just drives from there.

Sindy: Where do you see Chronic Future in five years?
Chronic Future: In five years... definitely still rocking out. We just have such a great relationship within the band that no matter what, even if we weren't playing music we'd still be hanging out and doing something together. So, just the fact that we have the outlet of music is such a beautiful thing so hopefully we can continue to do it for the rest of our lives.

Sindy: What kind of advice would you give to kids wanting to get into the music industry?
Chronic Future: Don't do it! No, just kidding. I would say patience and persistence for anything you do. Patience and Persistence.

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