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Kidz Notes - Romeo and Juliet (pg. 2)

Dec 27, 2006

Act Two - Scene One: The party ends and Romeo stands outside the Capulet house, gazing up adoringly at Juliet's window. He doesn't answer when Benvolio calls to him.

Act Two - Scene Two: Juliet leans from her balcony. Romeo can't decide whether to talk to her. Juliet, who is crushing on Romeo big time talks to herself about how Romeo should turn away from his family, or she should go against hers so that they can be together. Romeo steps out of the shadows. Juliet is surprised to see him and warns him that if her family sees him outside her room they will kill him. Romeo and Juliet agree to meet in the morning.

Act Two - Scene Three: On his way home, Romeo stops by the monastery to visit Friar Lawrence. The Friar is surprised to see Romeo so early in the morning. Romeo asks if the Friar if he would be willing to marry Romeo and Juliet. The Friar agrees.

Act Two - Scene Four: The following morning, Mercutio and Benvolio are looking for Romeo because Tybalt was challenging him to a fight. When they finally meet up with Romeo he is in no mood for fighting. Juliet's nurse arrives and takes Romeo aside to ask about his intentions towards Juliet. Romeo assures her that his love is real and asks her to bring Juliet to the Friar's monastery that afternoon so they can get married.

Act Two -Scene Five: The nurse tells Juliet that Romeo has arranged with Friar Lawrence to perform their [kwlink]marriage[/kwlink].

Act Two - Scene Six: While Romeo waits for Juliet to arrive, the Friar tells Romeo not to act too quickly. Romeo pays no attention and the Friar performs the marriage ceremony.

Act Three - Scene One: That afternoon, Benvolio and Mercutio run into Tybalt and some of his men get into an argument. Romeo arrives and Tybalt demands that they fight. Romeo disagrees. Mercutio and Tybalt get into a fight instead. Romeo steps between the two and Tybalt stabs Mercutio and runs away. Romeo confronts and kills Tybalt. Benvolio tells Romeo to hide so he doesn't get killed or arrested. The Prince sees what has happened and says that when Romeo is found he will be killed.

Act Three - Scene Two: Juliet is waiting for her husband to arrive when her nurse comes with the news that Romeo has killed her cousin and has run away. She sends the nurse to look for him.

Act Three - Scene Three: Romeo is hiding in the Friars cell when he hears that the Prince has decided that Romeo should be banished from Verona instead of being killed. The nurse arrives and tells Romeo that Juliet is hysterical with grief. The Friar tells Romeo to wait until night and then to go to Juliet. He also tells him to go to Mantua and stay there until it is safe to return to Verona. Romeo agrees.

Act Three - Scene Four: Capulet and Paris are talking about Tybalt's death. When Paris is about to leave, Capulet says that he has decided not to wait for Juliet to make up her mind about Paris. He sets the date for them to get married.

Act Three - Scene Five: Shortly after Romeo leaves Juliet's room, Lady Capulet comes in. She thinks Juliet can't stop crying because she is mourning for Tybalt. She tries to cheer Juliet up by telling her that she will soon marry Paris. When Juliet freaks out and says she doesn't want to marry Paris, her Dad flies into a rage.

Act Four - Scene One: Juliet hurries to the Friar's cell to see Romeo. Paris is there arranging their marriage. Juliet confesses to [KWLINK 2248loving someone else but Paris mistakes her words as a declaration of love for him and promises their marriage will be amazing. After he leaves, Juliet turns to Friar Lawrence for help. The Friar gives her [b]a vial of potion that will make her appear to be dead. When her family discovers her "lifeless" body they will put her in the Capulets' tomb and the Friar would then send for Romeo to rescue her and take her away from Verona. How could anything go wrong, right?

Act Four - Scene Two: Juliet goes home and tells her 'rents that she will marry Paris.

Act Four - Scene Three: The night before the wedding Juliet she takes the potion.

Act Four - Scene Four: Everyone is preparing for the wedding. Capulet tells Nurse to wake Juliet up.

Act Four - Scene Five: The nurse tries to wake up Juliet but finds that she is dead (at least she looks that way). When the Friar and Paris arrive pick up Juliet, they find the parents sobbing. They take Juliet's body to the family tomb.

Act Five - Scene One: Word of Juliet's death reaches Romeo before the Friar's messenger, who was sent to explain the crazy plan. Romeo rushes to Verona, stopping only to buy poison, which he plans to use to kill himself.

Act Five - Scene Two: The messenger can't reach Romeo in Mantua because he is quarantined in Verona due to suspicion of the plague. Friar Lawrence rushes to the cemetery because Juliet will wake up soon.

Act Five - Scene Three: Romeo arrives at the tomb and finds Paris grieving. They fight until Paris is stabbed. While he's dying he pleads with Romeo to lay him next to Juliet. Romeo agrees and drags Paris' body inside the tomb so that he can be near Juliet. Romeo grieves over Juliet and then drinks the poison and dies by her side. Juliet wakes up to find Romeo lying next to her, dead. She hears footsteps approaching and quickly stabs herself. The Friar enters, followed by the Montagues, the Capulets, and the Prince. They see Paris, along with the bodies of Romeo and Juliet. The families blame each other for the deaths but The Friar explains what went down. When he hears the story, the Prince says that the families' feud is what caused the tragedy. The families hug and make up.

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