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Quiz The Coach: I'm Not A Starter Any More!

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Kidzworlds Quiz the Coach has advice on basketball, football, soccer, skateboading, sponsorship, P.E. teachers, cheerleading, coaches, the rules on other sports, as well as other fitness and sports stuff. - Page 15

So ya dig sports but need some help with your game? Don't understand some of the rules of football, basketball or soccer? Got a gripe about P.E. class, teammates or coaches, or anything? Why not ? The Kidzworld Coach can help ya work out team problems or give ya tips and advice to improve your game - all ya gotta do is ask!

1Hey Coach,
In 7th grade, I was the top scorer on my basketball team. Now I'm in 8th grade and three pretty good players are new to the team. Today, I found out that they're on the starting team, but I'm not! I was upset because I always give it my all. Not only am I a good player, but every time I go to a summer camp, I get a hustle award or coach's award. I still have a huge desire to be in that starting position, and I have a ton of determination. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey bballrox993,

It sounds like your a very competitive and determined player, which is something coaches love. The worst thing you can do is whine or sulk about not starting - coaches hate whiners about as much as Kobe Bryant hates Shaq. Everyone wants to start - but that's not possible, especially when a team has several good players. If you work hard, hustle and give it your all, you'll get a chance to play. When you do get that chance, make the most of it and show the coach you're a team player who's capable of being a starter. If you don't end up becoming a starter - don't let that change your work ethic or determination. A good team is one in which everyone knows their role and everyone gets a chance to contribute to the success of the team.

Do you have a question on sports, P.E. class, fitness or health? to the Kidzworld Coach. Keep in mind peeps, the Kidzworld Coach isn't a doctor or a professional athlete or anything like that. He's just a dude who digs sports, plays 'em and knows a lot about 'em. You should always talk to your 'rents, a doctor or your school gym teacher before starting a new sport or a new exercise.

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