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Banjo-Tooie N64 Game Cheats: Egg Hints and Cheat Codes

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Gruntildas goons got you stumped? Cant get Jiggy with it? Weve got you covered with the best tricks, cheats and codes for Banjo-Tooie and the whole crew.

Mystery Pink Egg

The mysterious Pink Egg is hidden near Spiral Mountain. Find the stumps with shoes on top of them. Above the stumps is a hole with metal bars covering it. You can blast open the bars with Grenade Eggs. Once the bars are open, head up to the Flight Pad and fly your way through the opening. Voila! Inside the Game Pak is your Pink Egg.

Mystery Blue Egg

The Blue Egg is back in Spiral Mountain too. Hop on the Flight Pad and head for the waterfall with a hole in it. Once you're in jump your way through the current to find the Game Pak. Use your Grip Grab skill to break open the cage and you'll have the Blue Egg in no time.

Ice Key

Looking for the Ice Key? It's right by the Jingo Village. Take a look behind the Green Jingo's house for the sandy spot. There's a crack in the wall near it. Jump up on the platform nearby to get to it and climb your way across to a hole. Once you're in the cave you'll see the Game Pak, open it up for the Ice Key.

Cheat Codes:

If you want to activate the cheats you're gonna need to get to the Mayahem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam. The temple is guarded by two dart spitting statues and has a locked door. There are a couple ways in.
#1: Use Mumbo's magic to get the giant statue. Walk the statue to the temple and kick in the door.
#2: Blast open the door with Grenade Eggs.
#3: Have Wumba turn you into a Stony. Just to the right of the main door is a hidden mini-door that only a Stony can fit into.
The Power The Code
Carry twice as many feathers CHEATO SREHTAEF
Carry twice as many eggs CHEATO SGGE
No falling damage CHEATO FOORPLLAF
Homing Eggs HOMING
Health recovery CHEATO KCABYENOH
Infinite health and air HONEYKING
Infinite feathers and eggs NESTKING
Jolly Roger Bay Jukebox CHEATO XOBEKUJ
Get hints from the signs in Master Jiggywiggy's house CHEATO YGGIJTEG

If the code has 'CHEATO' at the beginning you can enter it anytime. Otherwise you need to find Cheato's pages before you can enter it.

Got a cheat or trick we missed?

12 tricks that you missed were SUPERBANJO to make banjo faster and SUPERBADDIE to make the baddies faster.

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