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Ultimate Video Game GiveawayTop PS2 Games

Dec 27, 2006

Kidzworld is holding the first annual Ultimate Video Game Giveaway and we want you to know all about the games (and consoles) we're giving away. So check out the 411 on these hot PS2 games and enter the contest for your chance to win them all!

Shrek 2 - Activision

Just like the movie, Shrek 2 for the PS2 is awesome! Take all your favorite Shrek characters, from Donkey to Fiona, and help them get to the land of Far, Far Away. There are lots of mini-games to challenge you and it's a four-player, multi-player game so it's the perfect game for you and your pals to play together.

Inu-Yasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask - Bandai

In this RPG game it's up to you to help
InuYasha and the gang escape from feudal era Japan and get back to the present day. The game features all the same voices from the hit TV show and you'll even get to check out more than 30 minutes of exclusive anime footage!

SD Gundam Force: Showdown - Bandai

Another one of your fave TV shows comes to life with SD Gundam Force Showdown. You have three characters that you can play as - Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight or Musha Bakunetsumaru. Battle your way through three different worlds decked out in original armor, carrying your weapon of choice. You'll also want to check out the unlockable bonus features that come with the game.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 - Atari

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, you get to kick some serious butt using any one of 40 characters from the show or movie. Try things out in each of the available fighting modes from dueling to training. Play by yourself or grab a friend to join you in a battle. You can even customize your DBZ warriors to become the ultimate fighters!

EyeToy: Groove - Sony
The EyeToy: Groove is a dancer's dream come true. The game comes with the EyeToy USB camera which you hook up to your PS2 for hours of dancing fun. There are more than 25 hit songs that you can jam to and you can even choreograph and save your very own dance routines. If you're a fan of Dance 360, why not set up your very own head to head competition with friends with the EyeToy: Groove?

  • For your chance to win these great games, head to the official Ultimate Video Game Giveaway page.
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