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Ultimate Video Game Giveaway - Top Xbox Games!

Dec 27, 2006

Don't know which new Xbox video game to ask your 'rents to buy. Look no further cuz Gary's searched high and low to give you a list of the best and wickedest games around. From high-fantasy games to sports inspired video games, Kidzworld's got a list that has it all. Check it out.

NFL Street 2 - EA Games

Play football like it was meant to be played - on the streets. If you've always wanted to master high-flying football, NFL Street 2 gives you that very opportunity. You can battle for hot spots to unlock new NFL legends, create a baller and attempt to dominate on 12 new fields or join a quick pick-up game - no matter what your flava is, you'll definitely score a touchdown playing this fast paced football video game.

Outrun 2 - Sega

If burning rubber on the streets and kickin' into high gear is your idea of fun, then Outrun 2 is the game for you. Select from classic cars like the Testarossa and 328 GTS to sleek and stylish Ferraris as you navigate through majestic mountains through Europe, Parisian roads or Middle Eastern deserts just to name a few. Outrun 2 allows three different modes of play - Arcade, Challenge and Xbox Live - providing you with hours of racing fun. Fasten your seatbelts and start your engines for the drive of your life.

ESPN NHL 2K5 - Sega

You'll shoot and definitely score with this video game. By far the most realistic and action-packed hockey video game out there, ESPN NHL 2K5 brings an unmatched game-play experience never before seen. This game includes exclusive ESPN commentaries from hockey experts, plus more crowd chants, custom music and ice girls than you can handle. Full coaching control, live scouting and enhanced minor league management allows you to experience the deepest franchise mode ever developed. Enter online leagues and tournaments using Xbox Live and you'll definitely score some slap-sticking hockey fun.

Demon Stone - Atari

Do high-fantasy video games rank high on your list? Love The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? If you said heck yeah to both of these questions, then you'll love Demon Stone. Scripted by the writers of Dungeons & Dragons, Demon Stone delivers the fantasy world to your Xbox console on a whole new level. Guide any of the three warriors - a fighter, a sorcerer, a rogue - through an onslaught of enemies as they begin their fateful journey of redemption.

Burnout 3 Takedown - EA Games
Choose the vehicle of your choice to race around the world on 40 amazing race tracks. Take down all opponents with junction-jamming crash event pile-ups to boost your way to the top. The better you become, the more rewards you'll reap - including winning prized trophies and earning attention-grabbing front-page headlines. Earn crash dollars and burnout points to unlock more than 60 wicked vehicles. Pretty soon you'll be winning all the trophies. Use the Xbox Live feature to play against all your friends and the top racers around the world without ever having to leave your room.

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