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Ultimate Video Game GiveawayTop Gamecube Games!

Jul 10, 2018

The Nintendo Gamecube video game console is the lil' guy in the console arena. But, it has some of the coolest games thanks to the genius game developers at Nintendo and other places. They come up with games like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Pikmin 2 and more! Plus EA's sports games are on the system too. We have the 411 on some of the hottest Gamecube games, right here.

Pikmin 2 - Nintendo

The original Pikmin was all about Captain Olimar getting his stranded butt off of an alien planet with the help of the Pikmin plant-people. Now he's home with more Pikmin than ever, a sidekick and a mission to save his job from bankruptcy! With more puzzles, better graphics, more strategy, massive levels, cool collectible stuff and a wicked sense of humor - Pikmin 2 is a ton of fun for the Gamecube.

MVP Baseball 2004 - Electronic Arts

If you dig baseball then you know that EA is the king of baseball video games. And, their MVP Baseball 2004 has all the gaming fun you'll need for 2005. Everything from unlockable legendary players, tons of MLB teams, and even warm-up pitching is packed into this game. There's barely enough room for the graphics and sound, but they're still so good it's like being there. All it's missing is the ballpark hot dog.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Nintendo

Blast aliens, defeat space pirates, swap dimensions and kick butt with the toughest video game grrl ever!
Courtesy of Nintendo
Step back into the shoes of the girl with the best butt-kicking skills in video games - Samus Aran. This grrl has been around since the original Nintendo and now she's back, bustin' space pirates, hopping dimensions and saving the day with wicked graphics and amazing action. It's a triple-decker of fun, with a side order of multiplayer, that'll keep your fingers tappin' for weeks.

Viewtiful Joe 2 - Capcom

What would you do if you had action-movie superpowers? Would you save the day in slow-mo like Viewtiful Joe? You bet you would! This game lets you slow down time, zoom in for close-ups, grab weird vehicles, get dazzled by the smokin' graphics and bust up evil with as you rock out on the Nintendo Gamecube.

Virtua Quest - Sega

Mix up the coolness of anime, including the huge hair, with a whole pile of fighting-game action and a dose of roleplaying game fun. What do you get? Virtua Quest! There's also matrix-style action in cyberspace and battles against some of the fighters from the Virtua Fighter video game to make this a way-cool game.

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