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Top Ten Simple Life Moments (pg. 2)

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have starred in their show The Simple Life for a few seasons and now theyre going to take on the corporate world in The Simple Life 3: Interns. Check out some of the funniest episodes from this hilarious TV show. - Page 2

#5. Simple Life Moments - Episode 5; Season 1

Nicole and Paris find themselves working for a cattle auctioneer. Nicole has to stick her hand in a cow's butt and after she's done she chases Paris around, trying to touch her with her dirty, gloved hand!

#4. Simple Life Moments - Episode 3; Season 2

Paris and Nicole are hired to be maids at a nudist colony. Disgusted by the thought of having to clean up after someone else, the girls instead have some snacks, don some bathrobes and call another maid in to clean the room, pretending it's their own. When their boss comes to check on their progress, she is really impressed with how clean the room is - not realizing someone else had done it for them! Season 2 Episode 3

#3. Top Ten Simple Life Moments - Episode 4; Season 2

While staying with the Skinner family in Mississippi, Nicole clashes with their son James. He calls them Dumb and Dumber, she turns a fire hose on him, so he sprays her with a fire extinguisher. Nicole's not about to let James have the last laugh so she makes him a special treat. While working at the sausage factory, Nicole and Paris throw together a dog food sausage and serve it up to James for dinner that night!

#2. Simple Life Moments - Episode 6; Season 1

Nicole freaks out when she thinks her purse has been stolen at the bar and pours bleach all over a pool table. The girls are thrown out and later are sent back by the Ledings to apologize to the bar's manager.

#1. Simple Life Moments - Episode 1; Season 2

Paris gets bucked off a horse and is taken to the hospital. She turns out to be fine, but the ranch owner feels so guilty he takes the girls out and buys them all the treats they want. He later models his leather riding chaps for the girls too!

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The Simple Life - Season 3 DVD

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Simple Life 3: Interns Rating:4

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