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Codename: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

Cartoon Network's Kids Next Door cartoon heroes are bringin' the battle for candy to their new card game! It's an all-out battle with wacky weapons, crazy villains, goofy gadgets, and cool kid heroes numbuh 1 to 5. We have the scoop on the few, the proud, the under 13 with our review of the Codename: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game.

Kid Commando Basic Training!

This game comes in two flavors - basic and advanced. Either way you play, both players get a deck of KND cards to play with and try to score five points. The cards are all wacky gadgets, characters and action-scenes from the Kids Next Door cartoon. Here are the two game modes:

KND Basic Game

In basic mode, you take turns flipping cards. The highest Battle rating wins, unless the cards are the same color, then the first player to hit the Panic Button wins!

KND Advanced Game

In the advanced game, when you draw a card you can either use its Battle rating right away, or put it into your Treehouse and use it to power up cards to make them stronger. It's still Panic Button time if the card colors match though!

Cool KND Gadgets and Super Sweet Candy!

It has robot bunnies, tree houses on the moon and tons of Kids Next Door secret agent madness! The rules are so simple you could teach your dog to play. They get a bit more complicated for the advanced game, and the Panic Button keeps everybody on their toes. There are even stickers you can use to build your own cards with your fave characters and powers.

KND's Candy-Lovin' Villains on the Rampage!

The KND card game is almost too goofy, but if you give it a game or two it's actually really fun. The only serious problem with this game is that, if you're a hardcore deck-building strategy-meister, building a killer deck is hard! Skip the headache and just toss your fave cards into a deck instead.

Does Kids Next Door Save the Day?

It's a fun game that plays fast and furious - it's definitely sweet. If you can dig the goofiness of beating your opponent with H.I.P.P.I.E.-H.O.P.*, an ice cream powered hippity-hoppin' robot bunny, you'll love it. There are 120 cards to collect in the KND game and you can get 'em in two-player Starter Sets or seven-card Booster Packs.

Kids Next Door Card Game Thumbs Up:

  • Super-duper easy to learn and play.
  • The Panic Button keeps everybody on their toes.
  • Build your own cards with stickers!
  • Lots of wacky cards to play with.
  • Power up with candy.
  • *Hare Inspired Piston Powered Ingenious Exoskeleton Hops Over Parents.
  • Kids Next Door Card Game Thumbs Down:

  • Building a killer deck is hard.
  • It's a bit goofy.
  • Kids Next Door Card Game Rating:

    Click Here to visit the Kids Next Door card game website, www.kndtcg.com!

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