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The Veronicas Interview (pg. 2)

Dec 27, 2006

Sindy: Do you try to set yourselves apart from each other, like changing your appearance like the Olsen twins have?
The Veronicas: We just do what we want to do. We're kind of like our own people and we do what we want to do. (Jess) I recently got a nose ring, but that wasn't to try and be different. It was just something I wanted to do. If Lisa wanted to go get one, I'd probably care, but not because I thought she was trying to be like me, but if she wanted to go do that for herself... (Lisa) Well I actually had a nose ring last year! (Jess) Oh yeah that's right, she had it for like three months. (Lisa) I took it out cuz it got all yucky, and Jess got one this year. We just do whatever we feel. Jess has got a tattoo. That's kind of the difference between us. Jess will decide, "I feel like getting a tattoo!" so she does it. Whereas I'm like one of those people who have to think about it for a really long time.

Sindy: Do you have the same taste in clothes?
The Veronicas: Yeah, unfortunately. That's the cause of most of our fights. I mean, not always... we have the same style, but we could have the same item and wear it completely different.

Sindy: How would you describe your fashion style?
The Veronicas: We love vintage mixed with new, cool stuff. We love a lot of accessories. We love theatrical sorts of things, so we like to dress theatrical and edgy and different. I feel like clothing is an [kwlink]art[/kwlink], it's how you're expressing your personality and who you are and your mood. If I'm feeling really happy, I could wear whatever I wanted. We could dress in tutus and go down to the grocery store if we wanted to! We like to play with fashion. We like fashion to be a fun thing. We don't take it too seriously. We like to do something a bit unexpected, a bit different. We like to start trends, not really follow them.

Sindy: Do you have the same taste in boys?
The Veronicas: We both think the same guys are hot, but we date completely different guys.

Sindy: So what qualities do you look for in guys?
The Veronicas: I think they've got to be funny, really hot. If they're cute, sweet, musical in some sort of sense because music is part of our lives. (Jess) I like guys in bands, that's my thing. I don't care what they do in a band, I like it.

Sindy: Any celebs you're crushin' on right now?
The Veronicas: Johnny Depp! Jess had a huge crush on Elijah Wood, who we recently got to meet. I like the lead singer from My Chemical Romance. God, he's pretty hot!

Sindy: Would you like to work with My Chemical Romance in the future?
The Veronicas: Oh definitely! A few people we'd love to work with - the ultimate, ultimate one would be Michael Jackson, which I don't think is probably going to happen anytime in the near future. I think when we're older, k.d. lang would be cool. I'd like to work with a band called Buchanan and probably The Youth.

Sindy: When you're not singing and recording music, what's your fave way to unwind?
The Veronicas: Probably just hang out with our friends. Just hanging out at our house or going to the movies together, just spending quality time with our friends. And eating!

Sindy: Are you planning to go on tour once your album's released?
The Veronicas: Yes, absolutely! We've been getting together with our band the last few days. We got a gig coming up this week, that's why we've been rehearsing. But we've all been talking about touring and how much fun it's going to be. I guess the album will be out around October, but nothing's set in place for what kind of tour we're going to be doing, but I guess it just depends on what things are going to be right for us at the time and what's going around.

Sindy: Any other future plans, aside from the tour?
The Veronicas: We'd eventually love to get into fashion, like either fashion designing or something to do with fashion cuz it's such a big part of who we are. We'd design our own clothing label. Music's our first love and passion, but also a movie in the near future would be really cool. We love Tim Burton, something kind of different and quirky. A movie somewhere down the line would be really fun to do.

Sindy: Any last words of advice to peeps who want to break out into the music biz?
The Veronicas: Just keep faith because it does happen and dreams do come true! There's a point where you just feel like it's not going to happen and we thought that too and then two months later out of nowhere, it just kind of happened for us. Definitely get out there and meet as many people as possible. Meet and network, that's my advice, because it's great waiting for that one person to come and discover you, but there's such a thing as making your own mark and I think it's all about making your own mark.

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