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Sindy's Blog - September 8, 2005

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Sindy blogs about her upcoming first date with a new guy shes met and about her first day back to school!

September 8, 2005

Thanks to all of your encouragement, I finally made a move and asked that hottie from the diner out on a date! His name is Josh and he's just a year older than me. He's really cool and was totally flattered that I'd asked him to hang out. He said he'd wanted to talk to me all summer, but just couldn't get the courage to!

It was a little hard to finally go up and talk to him, but once I did, it was so easy. It seems like we have a lot in common (same taste in music, movies, that sort of thing) and he's so down to earth. Not at all full of himself like most of the guys I end up falling for. He's into BMX, which is cool cuz I was kind of thinking of trying it out myself. Now maybe he can help teach me :).

I am back at school now. Josh goes to a private school a couple miles away, which might be a good thing. I haven't had much luck with dating the guys at my school! It does make me stress a little that maybe he'll lose interest in me, but I try not to get too freaked - we haven't even gone on our first date yet so there's no reason to get all weird about things.

We haven't decided where we're going to go on our date yet. I'm always so bad at deciding about these things. Do you check out a movie and not have a chance to talk to each other or do you grab pizza and run the risk that you won't know what to say to each other? Do you guys have any suggestions? You all usually have some really good ideas and advice! Send it along to me so this decision is a bit easier on me.

words of encouragement

1Sindy, let me give you a tip. I may not be the kinda girl who goes out with loads of boys, but... DON'T BE EMBARRASSED OF YOUR UNIFORM! If they're so many guys, pick out one that you like and comes there often. After your shift, just start flirting/talking. If he likes you he'll ask you out. That way, you made the first move and the guy asked you out himself, meaning that he does have an interest in you. Trust me. Have fun!
Advice from: bass_182

1Sindy, if you want to talk to boys, tell them about the food they ordered and if you have tried it, you can tell them a lot about it. Once that's started, you can probably start talking about more interesting things like, movies you like, songs you like, and see if you have things in common. Good luck!
Advice from: armenianbeckhamluver

1OK, I hate going back to school but it's just life. You just have to go there so get on with your life and take it easy. There are other holidays to look forward to, so chill.
Advice from: The Evil Person

Peace Out,


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