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Sindy's Blog - September 22, 2005

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Sindy blogs about her first date with Josh, teen relationships and the ups and downs of dating.

September 22, 2005

Josh and I finally went on our first date. Thanks for all your suggestions! We ended up just going to the arcade and played Street Fighter for hours. I love that game and apparently so does Josh! It was great. I think I'll take colorwonder96's suggestion and go to a movie and dinner with him next time.

Even though we go to different schools, we've still managed to talk to each other a lot. I'm always online doing my homework or chatting with friends, so we've been IMing each other almost every day. I thought we'd start to run out of things to talk about, but it turns out we have a lot more in common than I thought!

I think we are going to check out the Corpse Bride together at some point this weekend. I've wanted to see it ever since I heard about it and Josh remembered me talking about it and invited me to go. It's weird cuz even though we've been talking to each other a lot, we've still been able to do our own things and hang out with our friends which is something I usually don't do once I get a boyfriend.

Do you guys know what I mean? When you start dating someone, you just automatically start spending every waking hour together or talking to each other and you completely forget about everything and everybody else around you. But, I like that Josh and I have been able to do our own things. It makes spending time with him more enjoyable. Does that sound stupid?

How do you guys handle relationships? Do you spend all your time with your BF or GF? Let me know how you balance friends, school and a relationship!

1 A really good thing to do for a date is go to the movies and dinner. I do that all the time when I go out with guys. It's really good if you go to the movie first, then to dinner, because you can always talk about the movie!

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