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Basketball - Rules & History

Dec 27, 2006

B-ball season is just about here. Kidzworld gets you ready to shoot hoops with a look at the history, rules and basic skills of basketball.

Basketball - History

Long before guys like Kobe and Lebron were pulling off high-flying dunks, the game of basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith, a physical education teacher at Springfield College in Massachusetts. Naismith invented the indoor game in 1891 as a way to help students at the school stay in shape during the cold winters. The first game was quite different from the modern game of basketball. Players played with a soccer ball and scored points by shooting the ball into peach baskets, which were used instead of nets. Over the years, the game has changed in many different ways. Players can now dribble the ball, there is a free throw line for foul shots and there are five players on each team, instead of nine.

Basketball - Basic Skills

  • Dribbling - Dribbling is a crucial skill in basketball. Learn how to control the ball at game speed and keep the ball away from the opposition. Staying low and keeping the ball at waist level will help you keep possession. Always dribble with your head up and look for your teammates. No double dribbling - when you have stopped dribbling the ball, you must either pass the ball to a teammate or take a shot. Click here to check out some drills for improving your dribbling.
  • Passing - Passing is the best way to keep possession of the basketball and is a faster way of moving the ball up the court than dribbling. There are three main kinds of passes in basketball: the bounce pass, the chest pass and the overhead pass.
  • Shooting - If you can't shoot, then you won't score, so shooting is one of the most important basketball skills to develop. Learn the three basic shots: the layup, the set shot and the jump shot.
  • Pivot - Pivoting with the basketball alows you to change direction and look for a pass or shot. Remember not to move your pivot foot.

Basketball - The Benefits

Playing basketball has many benefits for both your physical and mental health. Whether your playing in an organized league or just shooting hoops on a local court with a few friends, basketball is a good cardio workout, can improve your balance and coordination and can strengthen your arm, leg and stomach muscles. Basketball is also a good way to learn teamwork and to socialize with friends. It's also inexpensive compared to most sports - all you need is a ball and you're ready to go!

Basketball - Tips, Drills, Players and More

Kidzworld has a ton of basketball info including tips for improving your shot, bios of your favorite players and online basketball games.

  • Layup Tips - Improve your layup with help from the Kidzworld Coach.
  • Free Throw Shooting - Find out how you can improve your free throw shooting.
  • Lebron James Bio - Check out this bio of NBA superstar, Lebron James.
  • NBA Point Guards - Take a look at some of the top point guards in the NBA.
  • Play Online Hoops - Can you toss the basketball into the moving hoop for points? Test your skills and see how many points you can score!
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