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The Chronicles of Narnia: Nintendo DS Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

Welcome to Narnia! The classic fantasy series by C.S. Lewis has been made into a video game for the Nintendo DS and now you can battle the minions of the mean White Witch as the four kids from the story. It's sword-swinging adventure in the magical land of Narnia and we review it here!

The Magic of Narnia on the Nintendo DS

This game is an adventure game, kind of like The Legend of Zelda. You control the four kids, earn experience and money by defeating monsters, get quests to unlock special powers and rally the talking critters of Narnia to teach the White Witch who's boss. Plus, you can play multiplayer with up to four players using the DS's wireless connection!

Saving the Day in Narnia on the Nintendo DS

Powering up with experience points, earning cool powers from the critters of Narnia and controlling all four kids at once gives you a lot of options! Plus, the graphics are great and there's a map that helps you find your way around. But, the best part is getting animals to join you and help you battle enemies.

Frozen Toes and Evil Queens in Narnia

This game is fun, but there are a few problems. The biggest is that it's hard to find your way around, which makes finishing quests tricky. It's also hard to beat the higher levels, unless you spend a lot of time battling creatures to get stronger.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Awesome or Awful?

The Nintendo DS version of this game is good, even with a few problems. If you have the patience to fight lots of monsters to get stronger and finish your quests, it'll be great. But, if you just want to charge ahead and battle the White Witch, you're in trouble.

The Chronicles of Narnia Thumbs Up:

  • Control all four kids.
  • Learn cool powers.
  • Get animals to help you out.
  • Wireless multiplayer!
  • The Chronicles of Narnia Thumbs Down:

  • The shared life bar in multiplayer is wacky.
  • Finishing quests is tricky.
  • It gets hard!
  • The Chronicles of Narnia Game Rating:

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