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Kronk's New Groove DVD Review

Apr 14, 2016

The first flick was The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk was a bad guy who turned into a good guy. Now he's a good guy with a sweet restaurant and a pile of friends, but all he wants is a big thumbs-up from his dear old dad. Disney's Kronk's New Groove DVD is an hour and a half of laughs as the dumb-but-lovable Kronk tries to impress his Papi.

The Kronkmeister's Good Grooves!

The good news is that this flick is funny! Kronk's dumber than a tree, but he's hilarious and has a ton of crazy adventures as he tries to score a house, a wife, and some kids so he can impress his dad. From leading a scout troupe, to teaming up with the villain Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove, to dressing up a bunch of old guys as babies (ewww...), there's a lot of funny stuff in this movie - and even some decent music.

Villain Vengeance in Kronk's New Groove!

If you want a surprise ending, go watch something else. Everything, from the ending to the "surprises", is predictable. The plot for Kronk's New Groove is so simple even Kronk could figure it out!

Is Kronk's New Groove Funky or Foul?

Kronk's movie is a hoot and it's even cool enough that it makes fun of itself. It's a great flick for chilling to with a bunch of friends, a giant bowl of popcorn and something fizzy to drink.

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