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Lovin' Gymnastics

Jan 03, 2019

What's your game? Is it soccer, roller hockey, basketball or something else? This kid tells us about her favorite after school sport.

I have been doing gymnastics for 3 years and it is my favorite sport. I do it every Monday and Wednesday after school. I do vaults, balance beam and the uneven bars. The best is vaulting because I do handsprings. I start off by running and getting as much speed as I can. Then I put my hands on the vault and do a flip in the air. I land on my feet almost every time. After one hour of gymnastics, I usually have some water and a snack. But not too much because my coach says if I eat too much I will get sick. At the end of the class, me and all my friends from gymnastics jump into a big pit of foam.

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Wow, that's really interesting! I love gymnastics too.

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