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Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta TV Show Facts

Oct 05, 2016

The year is 2020, humans and aliens are living on Earth, the Power Rangers' boss is a dog, and their newest supervillain is a bonehead. What?!? It's true! The 2005 Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D.) TV show, is the best Power Rangers show yet. Check out the 411 on the show right here.

What's Up With Power Rangers S.P.D.?

An alien invasion, that's what! The Power Rangers are all rookies and cadets and they have to fend off the skull-headed Emperor Gruumm and his horde of Krybot cyborg goons. Their new boss is a lizard/dog alien called Anubis "Doggie" Cruger and one member of their team is some sort of floating light bulb. With lots of new villains, some cool plot twists, and lots of Power Ranger power-up battles, this season kicks alien butt!

Power Rangers S.P.D. hero Roll-Call!

  • Red Ranger/Jack Landors - The rasta-haired Red Ranger is the leader of the team.
  • Blue Ranger/Schuyler "Sky" Tate - The Blue Ranger is a Lance Bass look-alike who wants to be the Red Ranger, like his dad.
  • Green Ranger/Bridge Carson - Got nerd? The Green Ranger is the team geek and needs a crash course in coolness.
  • Yellow Ranger/Elizabeth "Z" Delgado - As one of the two "Elite" Power Rangers, Z has her morpher from the start of the show.
  • Pink Ranger/Sydney "Syd" Drew - This butt-kickin' girl is the second Pink Ranger to not battle bad guys in a skirt!
  • Shadow Ranger/Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger - This lizard/dog alien is the Power Rangers' boss and an awesome warrior who rides into battle on a four-wheeled ATV.
  • Cat Ranger/Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx - This cat alien girl is the chief geek at Power Ranger HQ on Earth and designs all their weapons.

Power Ranger S.P.D. Villain Lineup

  • Emperor Gruumm - This skull-headed villain is the ruler of almost the entire galaxy, but has a boss called The Magnificence.
  • Broodwing - This guy is the villain scientist and makes monsters for Emperor Gruumm.
  • Morgana - When she's not commanding evil monsters to destroy the Power Rangers, she's reading Kidzworld's fashion tips!
  • Piggy - This alien scumball whines a lot, works for Emperor Gruumm and the Power Rangers, and betrays them both all the time!

Power Rangers Quotemania!

  • "Oh, sorry, guys, I was just reading. Hey, you see all the cool artwork on the cover of the book? It made me think it was gonna be a really great book. But it's not. It's lame. Guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover..." - Bridge
  • "Well, uh, I work here. And as chief gadget tester, I get thrown off things, thrown into things, thrown under things...battered, rammed, electrified, dropped, popped, jettisoned, creamed, and toasted." - Boom
  • "Looks like someones in a bad mood" - Mora "SILENCE!!" - Gruumm "And forgot to brush his teeth this morning." - Mora
  • "Age before beauty, you first Jack." - Syd "HEY!" - Jack
  • "What have I done? I'm a filthy, slime-ridden, low-life, worm-eating vermin! All right, so I was that before I betrayed the Rangers." - Piggy

Power Rangers S.P.D. Facts!

  • Their lizard/dog boss Anubis has a wife, Isinia Cruger, who's a captive of the evil Emperor Gruumm.
  • The Omega Ranger used to be human, but now he's a ball of light!
  • Blue Ranger's dad was the Red Ranger until he was killed by the mirror villain Mirloc.
  • The main villain goons, the Blue/Orange-head thugs, are robots but the Power Rangers don't know this at first!
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