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Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Build

Dec 27, 2006

Build a Valentine's Day gift yourself using your favorite building and construction toys. Find out how right here.

Valentine's Day Gifts - LEGO Love

Show your favorite hottie how much you love them by building them a heart made out of LEGO. Use red bricks from sets you already have or design your LEGO Valentine online using LEGO's digital designer and you can have all the bricks and instructions you need sent right to your door! You can add to your LEGO Valentine using little hearts from LEGO Clikits sets. A LEGO Valentine is also a great way to test out your relationship. If your love is real, he or she will keep the LEGO Valentine together forever. If your Valentine takes apart their LEGO gift right away and builds a firetruck or a car, you'll know it's not true love. To check out LEGO's digital designer and build a LEGO Valentine, click here.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Suprise Them With a Car!

You probably don't have the cash to buy your Valentine a new car and he or she probably can't drive yet anyway - so why not give your special someone a Valentine's Day customized toy car. Krazy Cars have created cast and build model car kits that you can make and paint yourself. Make a Hummer, a stock car or a truck and then paint it with hearts or some other special design. Krazy Cars are easy to make and you can race them once your build - put your love into overdrive! For more info on Krazy Kars, click here.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Clay Love

Create your own love gift using modelling clay. It's fun, easy and the possibilities are endless. Make a clay heart or a bowl or dish painted with hearts. You can pick up modelling clay at most toy or hobby stores. You can also create clay Valentine's Day gifts using the Alex Deluxe Pottery Wheel, which has everything you need to start making simple clay creations.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Time For Love

Give the gift of time to your favorite Valentine this year. Creativity For Kids has a Wake Up! Alarm Clock that you can paint yourself. Paint this clock with hearts, symbols of your love or your Valentine's favorite colors. It's a fun gift to make and your boyfriend or girlfriend will be reminded of you everytime they're woken up in the morning by this clock's loud ringing sound! For more info on the Wake Up! Alarm Clock, click here.

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