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Super Mario Sunshine: Gamecube Game Walkthroughs

Dec 27, 2006

Super Mario Sunshine is a Gamecube video game that's all about Mario cleanin' up a whole lot of dirt left behind by a nasty villain. He's got a trusty FLUDD water cannon to help him out, but there are still lots of ways to get stuck in this video game! Kidzworld member Gabbydog204 about being stuck and wanting some video game cheats, hints, tips, codes or walkthroughs. Check out her email and all the game walkthroughs Gary's got to help her out!

Dear Gary,
I need help so badly. I have had this game for a long time and I cannot get past the Ricco Harbor one where I have to get Yoshi. How do I get the fruit to come out of the tube? Then, on Pinna Park, I am on the fast Ferris wheel level and I have completed it many times but I cannot get the Shine Sprite. Also, on Noki Bay I think where the water is poisonous, I get to about the beaver but then I am stuck. The Gelato Beach level I get the watermelon down to the beach area but how do you get the annoying things with beaks to not bounce it up and break it? Then, the first one ever unlocked, the piranha thing won't come out of the air for me long enough to hit him or even spray him a lil' bit. I don't even know how to get to one of the stages. Well, please answer my very soon because I am hopeless!
Thank you!

Hey Gabbydog,

I got all the details from your email and I'm gonna help you out with some game cheats. Lets go one thing at a time!

Ricco Harbor Episode 8 Walkthrough: Yoshi and Fruit

To get Yoshi you need to head to the Fish Market at the end of the town. You'll find his egg there, but you need to get him a Durian fruit to hatch. In the middle of the town, by the water, are two fruit crates. Jump onto them and pound the switches on top of them to make fruit come out. Keep hitting them until you get a Durian fruit then kick it over to the Yoshi egg.

Once you have Yoshi, head to the water by the end of town and blast the two fish to turn them into pads. Ride the pads to another platform then jump onto the platform that's sticking out of the mountain. It has a tree on it, jump off of Yoshi and blast the tree with the FLUDD to get fruit. From there you can blast pink fish to make more platforms and keep on going!

Pinna Park Episode 5 Walkthrough: Shine Sprite

If you've managed to finish the level and get the Ferris wheel back under control, the Shine Sprite will appear way the heck far up on top of a platform. Get on top of a Ferris wheel car, ride it to the top, then jump and hover to the platform.

Noki Bay Episode 1 Walkthrough: Red Cannon

The beaver that runs the cannon is actually a mole! To beat him, clean off the platform that you start on so you can move around. Then, while you're dodging and cleaning the goo he tosses, also use FLUDD to hose down the bombs he throws at you. When you get them turned blue, grab 'em, run up to the fence and toss 'em over at him. Three hits will KO the twerp.

Gelato Beach Episode 8 Walkthrough: Watermelons and Enemies

To stop these hopping bad guys, lure them to a Dune Bud, stun them with your FLUDD, jump on them to stun them again, then water the Dune Bud. It'll finish them off for you. Once you do this to each one, start rolling your watermelon and it'll be way easier.

Bianco Hills Episode 5 Walkthrough: Petey Piranha Boss

It all starts when Petey Piranha wakes up, the first thing you need to do is run back to town and get the Hover Nozzle from the Blue Box. Use that and get up on top of a tall building in town and Petey will fly up to do battle. FLUDD him when he gets close and he'll hit the ground. Don't get too close or he'll blast you with a tornado, but get close enough to spray water in his mouth when he opens it. If you get him, his belly button will pop up and you'll be able to power slam it to damage him. He can fly all over, so it'll be a long battle, but once you get him three times it's all over.

Unfortunately, I don't know which stage you can't get to so I can't help you! and let me know which stages you can get to and I'll see if I can help you out.

That's it for Super Mario Sunshine video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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