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Loonatics Unleashed TV Show Facts

Apr 14, 2016

It's the year 2772 and a giant meteor has hit the Earth. It unleashed crazy powers all over the place and put the world in danger. Now, six super-powered heroes are here to save the day in the WB's action-packed Loonatics cartoon TV show. These heroes are the wicked-looking descendants of the greatest Looney Tunes stars ever, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner, the Tasmanian Devil, and Lola Bunny. Now they're on the tube at 9:30AM, battling bad guys and kickin' evil's butt. Check out the facts on the heroes and villains, right here.

Loonatics Unleashed - Main Characters

  • Ace Bunny - This super-duper bunny hero is Bugs Bunny's great-(great-great-great? you get the idea)-grandson. He's the team leader, a kung-fu master and can fire lasers from his eyes!
  • Danger Duck - Daffy Duck's heroic descendant can teleport and hurl gobs of fire from his hands. He also has a super-powered ego and wants to be the super-cool team leader, unfortunately this duck is a schmuck.
  • Rev Runner - This high-speed hero can call the Road Runner papa. He's an ostrich-ish bird who's so fast that in 2771 he won every single gold medal at the summer Olympics.
  • Slam Tasmanian - Run for cover when this bad-news tasmanian devil hits town. He's a bruiser with jaws that'll chew through anything except three day-old pizza.
  • Lexi Bunny - This big-eared bunny is listening in on what everyone has to say with her super hearing or blasting stuff with her mind blast.
  • Tech E. Coyote - The team tech geek not only has magnetic powers and the ability to heal from getting blown up, he can program your VCR and create a gigawatt plasma infusor before breakfast.
  • Zodavia - This girl is a glowing pillar of light who shows up to give the Loonatics their missions.

Loonatics Unleashed - Villains

  • Gunnar - This mutant techno-viking and his goons show up to freeze Acmetropolis before getting put on ice by the Loonatics.
  • Fuz-Z - They're super-cute furry critters, until you feed 'em chocolate then they turn into giant slobbering monsters!
  • Black Velvet - This supervillainess wants to plunge Acmetropolis into darkness so the light won't hurt her eyes. Can't she just get some shades?
  • Ringmaster - A villain with a galactic circus of mutant critters.
  • Massive - A big guy who can muck with gravity, he's all about gettin' rich quick by stealing whatever he wants.
  • Mallory Mastermind - After Tech busted her trying to drain the brains of her classmates at geek school, she turned to a life of crime and revenge.
  • Drake Sypher - This villain sucks... the powers from the Loonatics that is. Once they're powerless, they use special suits to put the smackdown on him.

Loonatics Unleashed - Fun Facts

  • Ace Bunny uses all of Bugs Bunny's classic lines, including "What's up Doc?"
  • The voice behind Danger Duck is the same as the kung-fu villain Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown.
  • The voice of Slam Tasmanian's snarls, growls and grunts is the same guy who does the voice of Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX!
  • Rev Runner's biggest weakness is that, like all road runners, he tastes like yummy, yummy chicken!

Loonatics Unleashed - Quotes

  • "What's up Doc?" - Ace Bunny.
  • "Gnarr, rarrrgh, snrrrk glark!" - Slam Tasmanian.
  • "This is ridiculous. It's the 28th century. We've got jetpacks, hovercrafts, computer-synchronized laser makers, but I still can't get a good cell signal on the 134th floor!" - Danger Duck.
  • "Ace, toast is not strange. Unless Duck makes it. Then... watch out!" - Lexi Bunny.
  • "We just need some bait!" - Tech
    "Why is everybody looking at me?" - Danger Duck.
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