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Teddy Geiger and Adrianne Lenker CD Reviews

Dec 27, 2006

Just like many other fresh faces of today, Teddy Geiger and Adrianne Lenker haven't graduated high school yet, but they're already taking the music world by storm. Check out their newest and latest CDs right here.

Teddy Geiger :: Underage Thinking

Teddy Geiger first entered the public eye as a contestant on the VH1 reality show, In Search of the New Partridge Family. He went on to play a budding rock star on the CBS drama, Love Monkey. The show flopped shortly before Underage Thinking was released, but it found a new home on VH1. But Teddy's not just a dude with a guitar. At 17, he's an accomplished musician who writes his own songs, plays a ton of instruments and sings incredibly! If you like John Mayer, we guarantee you'll love Teddy Geiger.

Fun Facts

  • Teddy Geiger is a self-taught musician who plays guitar, piano, bass and drums on his album.
  • Underage Thinking entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #8.
  • Teddy Geiger opened for Hilary Duff's Still Most Wanted Tour in 2005.
  • Teddy Geiger's fans call themselves "Tedheads."
  • Teddy Geiger gets to kiss Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari in the music video for For You I Will (Confidence)!
  • Hot Tracks

    These Walls, For You I Will (Confidence), Night Air, Try Too Hard, Love Is a Marathon

    Underage Thinking Rating:

    Adrianne Lenker :: Stages of the Sun

    With classical, jazz and R&B training, Adrianne Lenker has created a style of music all her own on her debut album, Stages of the Sun. At times, she sounds folksy and at other times, she sounds a bit country. Her unique childhood may have also played a big influence on her songs and musical style - growing up in a strict religious environment with parents who searched for spirituality, Adrianne lived on an Amish farm!

    Fun Facts

  • Adrianne Lenker wrote five songs on the disc and co-wrote four with her dad.
  • Adrianne's dad also sings backup vocals on the album.
  • Adrianne Lenker won an Honorable Mention for her song, My Bliss, in the International Songwriting Competition, an annual contest for aspiring singers.
  • The track Stages of the Sun is featured on the Unbelievably Unsigned compilation CD, which helps give exposure to new musicians.
  • Hot Tracks

    Dig Down, Imperfection, My Bliss, Release Yourself, My Life Is Fine

    Stages of the Sun Rating:

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