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Teen Titans: PS2 and Gamecube Video Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

The Teen Titans were chillin' in the Titans Tower when a new video game sucked them in! Now they're stuck inside and need your help to beat the bad guys, clobber the bosses and get their digital butts out before their pizza gets cold. Here's the 411 on this new game for Gamecube and Playstation 2 with our game review.

Teen Titans: Superhero Video Game 101

This game is a 3D action game where you can battle evil with all five Titans - Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin and Starfire. Each one has a ton of moves you can use to unleash their superpowers, plus you can swap from one Titan to the next as you battle hordes of minions and lots of powerful bosses. You can also challenge your friends to multiplayer battles in the Master of Games mode.

Smokin' Hot Video Game Action with the Teen Titans

This game is totally awesome! First, up to four people can play at once. Second, there are 36 Teen Titans villains, heroes and other characters you can unlock in the regular mode and play in Master of Games battles. Third, there are heaps of cool moves to discover for each character.

Smokin' Rubble and Bad Guys on Gamecube and PS2 The new Teen Titans game is a simple game so if you're a hardcore gamer, you might get bored. The biggest bummer though is that the graphics are weak and the game slows down when a lot of stuff starts happening.

Teen Titans: Super-Powered or Super-Lame?

Even with an overload problem (can't Cyborg fix that?!?) the Teen Titans kick some serious butt. It's a great excuse to invite your friends over and order some pizza for an afternoon of button-mashing fun. Just don't get sucked into your TV...

Teen Titans Thumbs Up:

  • 36 Teen Titans characters to control.
  • Battle your friends with any characters!
  • Lots of moves and combos to unleash.
  • All the voice actors from the TV show!
  • Teen Titans Thumbs Down:

  • The game slows down when too much is happening.
  • You run out of levels pretty quick.
  • Teen Titans Game Rating:

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