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Crossover Movie Review

Dec 27, 2006

The world of underground streetball is brought to life on the big screen in the new flick, Crossover. Does this movie get nothing but net or does it miss its mark entirely? Read Kidzworld's review to find out!

Crossover - Basketball Beginnings

Crossover follows a couple of talented basketball players who play for the love of the game - and the potential fame that their talent could bring. Tech and Cruise (played by What I Like About You's Wesley Jonathan) are both streetwise b-ball players looking to be the beat their competition at all costs. Their competitive spirit is egged on by selfish bookie, Vaughn, played by funny-man Wayne Brady.

Crossover - Hoop Heroes

As you would expect from a flick like this, there are some great scenes of [kwlink]basketball tricks[/kwlink] and talent. From slam dunks to signature crossovers, the boys bring it all when they're on the court. Unfortunately, that's where the talent in this movie ends. The acting skills are mediocre and certainly aren't strong enough to hold together the poorly written script.

Crossover - Double Foul

If we could, we'd actually give Crossover a quadruple foul for its painful plot. There are so few redeeming qualities about this movie that you shouldn't be surprised if it gets pulled from theaters within a week. America's Next Top Model winner, Eva Pigford, falls flat in her acting debut and Wayne Brady as a bad guy is about as comical as his improv.

Crossover - Bottom Line

Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands or cash to burn, we recommend skipping Crossover. It makes a horrible attempt at being "street" - so horrible in fact, you'll probably end up walking out mid-way through the movie. If you're desperate to see a basketball movie, do yourself a favor and just rent a flick like Glory Road.

Crossover Rating:

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