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LocoRoco PSP Game Cheats: Fruit Walkthrough - World 1

Dec 27, 2006

The poor LocoRoco just want to have a good time and sing all day! But, the Moja Corps are invading and they need your help to save their planet. In each level of the LocoRoco video game for the Sony PSP you can make your LocoRoco bigger and stronger by finding all the hidden fruit. But where is it all? It's Cheat Street to the rescue! It has all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs for your fave games!

LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 1

Most of the fruit on this level are totally easy to find, there are four hidden fruit though and here's a walkthrough to help you get them!
  • 1 - The first hidden fruit is in the floating orange ball near the second fruit. Jump up and tap the orange ball on the right side to make the fruit appear!
  • 2-3 - Two secret fruit are on the spinning orange ball. Jump and touch the sprouts to make the fruit appear.
  • 4 - Secret fruit four is in a hidden area just after the purple flowers. Drop down to where you need to split up, but don't split! Jump right instead and you'll find a secret room with a fruit and a MuiMui.
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 2

    The fruit on this level is still pretty easy to find, but here are tips on where both secret fruit are hidden!
  • 1 - The first one is on top of the floating green platform with the black spikes on the bottom! Hop up on top of it and touch the sprout to make it appear. It's hard! Jumping from the growing red creature helps.
  • 2 - After smashing into the room with the five fruit, jump up and touch the left wall to make a fruit appear!
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 3

    There are eight hidden fruit in this level! Here's a walkthrough on how to get them.
  • 1 - The first is in the area where you drop down through all the pegs. Go right and head to the end of the branch to find the fruit.
  • 2 - After the spike in the ground, smash the ceiling to get the fruit.
  • 3 - In the tilting platform area there are three spikes on the left wall and a sprout above them. Touch the sprout for a fruit!
  • 4 - On the far right, just below the spikes, is a niche in the wall. Roll into it for another fruit!
  • 5 - Back to the far left! There's another wall niche, this one takes you to an area with a giant bouncy fungus. Go left, past it, to a little dip with a tiny niche in the wall. Split up and bounce one little LocoRoco through it to get the fruit.
  • 6 - Using the bouncy fungus, bounce way up and left to get onto a platform with a sprout. Touch the sprout and it will grow a fruit.
  • 7 - When you find the Chuppa Chuppa (he'll suck you up like a vacuum) have him snork you onto the right wall below the opening. You'll hit the sprout and it will grow a fruit!
  • 8 - After you split up and slide down the skinny tube, re-form and jump on the left wall to make the last fruit appear.
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 4

    This slippery ice world is packed with 11 hidden fruit and here's a cheat on how you get them!
  • 1 - You have to slide past this sprout and get another fruit first. Then build up a ton of speed and slide back to soar up and hit the sprout in the ceiling for its fruit.
  • 2 - There's a fruit hanging from the ceiling, if you have enough speed there's a secret room above it with another fruit!
  • 3 - At the halfpipe, get the first fruit then build up speed and leap past the fruit to the other ledge. Hop over the first spike to get the fruit.
  • 4 - Hop over another spike and slide up to get another fruit.
  • 5 - Go left from the spinning wheel to get a fruit.
  • 6 - Where the air makes you float, there's a fruit hidden in the left wall.
  • 7 - While you're floating, touch the sprout on the ceiling to make a fruit appear.
  • 8 - Break the ceiling just after the floating area for a hidden room with a fruit.
  • 9 - Jump right from the tilting platform, grab the fruit there, then slide through the icicles. Jump on the platforms to get the fruit. Be careful of the spikes!
  • 10 - In the super-squishy snow, head right and sink all the way down to find a sprout that will make a fruit appear.
  • 11 - After the squishy snow, jump right, into the ceiling, for a hidden room with the last fruit.
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 5

    This stage is packed with sticky ceilings you can roll on and weird spongy ground. It also has four hidden fruit and here's a walkthrough on getting them.
  • 1 - Right below the first fruit is a hidden area with another fruit!
  • 2 - Before the next fruit, jump up to smash the ceiling and find a hidden room with a fruit.
  • 3 - After the sticky ceiling, drop all the way down and go left to find a fruit.
  • 4 - At the end of the level, jump over the end goal and go to the right wall and touch the sprout to find the last fruit.
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  • for the LocoRoco fruit walkthroughs for Stages 6-8.

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