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LocoRoco PSP Game Cheats: Fruit Walkthrough - World 1 (pg. 2)

Dec 27, 2006

The poor LocoRoco just want to have a good time and sing all day! But, the Moja Corps are invading and they need your help to save their planet. In each level of the LocoRoco video game for the Sony PSP you can make your LocoRoco bigger and stronger by finding all the hidden fruit. But where is it all? It's Cheat Street to the rescue! It has all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs for your fave games!

LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 6

You've been swallowed by a frog! Ok, don't panic, just grab the fruit and try to get out without becoming the world's orangest poo. There are four hidden fruit and here's the walkthrough on how to get 'em.
  • 1 - After getting blown down the throat, jump onto the tiny ledge on the right to make a fruit appear.
  • 2 - In the room with the springy circles, there's a fruit in the upper-left corner.
  • 3 - Give the cloud your best American Idol impression, then use the left pad to bounce to the left wall for a hidden room and a fruit. Watch out for the spike!
  • 4 - Jump past the end of the level and all the way up the huge hill to the right. At the top, get the Chuppa to launch you into the left wall to reveal the final fruit.
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 7

    This level is an ancient ruin full of hidden stuff, like fruit! There are 14 fruit to find and here are game secrets on where they are.
  • 1 - Get the first hidden fruit by jumping up and left, through the pillar, from the start of the level.
  • 2 - Then, roll under the little overhang to the right of the start to find a sprout that will grow into a fruit.
  • 3 - Just after you get the third fruit (it's not hidden, don't worry), jump the gap and roll through the wall to a room full of Pickories and a sprout that grows into a fruit.
  • 4 - From the fruit on top of the spot where you have to split, jump left first! You'll go through the wall and find another fruit.
  • 5 - Touch the ceiling before the last falling pillar to make a sprout grow into a fruit.
  • 6-10 - After the circular-thingy takes you past the spikes, smash the ceiling in the tunnel to find a secret room with five hidden fruit!
  • 11 - When you get flung into the air, hold R and you'll get tossed through a wall into a secret area with a fruit.
  • 12 - In the secret area, jump on top of the switch platform for another fruit!
  • 13 - Right after you slide down onto the moving-gear, jump left, out of it and through a wall to find a secret room with a fruit.
  • 14 - After the moving-gear, jump up and touch the right wall before you split up and the last fruit will appear.
  • LocoRoco Fruit - World 1 Stage 8

    The Moja are everywhere in this level! If you get the little ones stuck to you, get rid of them by going for a dunk. Now, here's a walkthrough on how to find all nine hidden fruit.
  • 1 - Jump on top of the platform where you get the second fruit to make another fruit appear!
  • 2 - After you hit the switch and drop, jump to the left wall for a hidden room with a fruit. Do this before you grab the fruit that's just sitting there or you won't fit into the room!
  • 3 - Before you break through the ceiling, back up a tiny bit and jump to touch the sprout on the ceiling for another fruit.
  • 4 - After you break through the ceiling, jump on the left wall to make another fruit appear.
  • 5 - When you hit the switch to raise the barrier, hit it again and dash past the barrier as it comes down. Then jump up and left, past the top of the barrier, for a fruit.
  • 6 - Right after the conveyor belt starts, jump into the ceiling to find a hidden room with a fruit.
  • 7 - In the hidden room, ride the platform up and jump left for a fruit.
  • 8 - Jump up to the low ceiling before the pool of red water to make a fruit appear.
  • 9 - After the spooky hand throws you at the moon, jump left onto the hand's arm and keep going - touch the ground past the shoulder to make the final fruit appear!
  • Click Here for the LocoRoco fruit walkthroughs for Stages 1-5.
  • That's it for LocoRoco PSP video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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