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Eddie Kaye Thomas Interview

Dec 27, 2006

By: Sindy

You may know him best for his role as Paul Finch in the American Pie trilogy, but Eddie Kaye Thomas has a much wider acting range up his sleeve. Find out what he had to say when Sindy sat down to talk to him about his new show, 'Til Death.

Sindy: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today - why don't we start off with you telling us a little about your character on the new show, 'Til Death?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: The show is all about comparing two married couples - Brad Garret and Joely Fisher play the older married couple who have had kids and are just dealing with life after their kid left. Kat Foster and I are a very young couple who have just moved in next door and are very excited and idealistic about what marriage is going to be. Brad's kind of teaching me and I look up to him and he reluctantly likes me and enjoys passing on his wisdom.

Sindy: What are the differences between working on a sitcom and working on a feature film?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: Well the day-to-day grind is totally different. On a film you have to get to work at 4:30 in the morning or you start at six at night and work till five in the morning. And you're driving to God-knows-where, spending three months of your life in, like, Canada or Eastern Europe. But with a sitcom, it almost feels like an office job. You're going to the same place every day and basically working 9 to 5, if not less, and you have a new script every week. They always say that it's the great job if you have a wife and kids cuz its so reliable. Where as with a film you you never know where you're going to be or when you're going to be working. Being on a sitcom brings order into what would ordinarily be a hectic life. I'm enjoying it, I'm really enjoying it.

Sindy: So, what do you prefer - sitcom or movies?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: I can't pick on over the other. I've been lucky enough to work on both and had such a great time on both. So I would really hate to have to pick. I'm very happy right now and I hope to make more movies and more TV shows.

Sindy: What was it like to do voice work for American Dad?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: It was, and still is, great fun. I went in last week and couldn't keep it together, just picturing what the character was going to look like. I play a very dumb, large young man on the show and I was doing a scene where they want to play with fireworks but they're too scared so they buy sparklers. Barry, my character, is in goggles and all the protective gear, holding the sparkler, standing in the middle of a field singing Christina Aguilera's Beautiful. It's a trip, you know, to do it and just try to make a ridiculous sound and a few months later see it animated. It's pretty wild.

Sindy: Is it difficult having to picture the scene in your head before having ever seen the actual animation?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: When I first started doing it, they had a little sketch of the guy in front of me, but when I auditioned for it I was trying to do Seth Green's voice on the Family Guy. And I was auditioning for the part of the son but they saw it as the friend and so I just do it and make a fool of myself and leave it to them to picture it.

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