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Belinda Interview

Feb 20, 2007

By: Sindy

Belinda is already a star in the Spanish-speaking world, and now she's looking to take on the English-speaking one. From her role in Cheetah Girls 2 to her upcoming English album, Belinda looks poised to hit it big!

Sindy: Can you tell me a little about your latest album?
Belinda: My most recent album is called Utopia. It's my second solo album and it came out in October. I wrote all of the songs, so the album is really special to me. It has two songs in English on it and the rest is Spanish. I have a completely English album coming out in, I think, June. It's a real mix of pop, rock and hip-hop. I think it has something for everybody.

Sindy: Did singing in English, opposed to Spanish, pose any challenges?
Belinda: It's obviously more difficult to sing and write in English for me because it's my second language. I worked very hard to be able to learn the language well enough so that I could really understand what it was that I was singing.

Sindy: Will you be going on tour?
Belinda: We're just preparing to tour now - coming up with the concepts, stages all that kind of stuff. I think the tour will probably start in March. We'll be going to Puerto Rico, Mexico - all over. We'll do some US dates but we'll do more after the English album comes out.

Sindy: And you were in Cheetah Girls 2? What was that like?
Belinda: It was so much fun. We shot the movie in Barcelona and it was just beautiful. Working with Raven-Symone and all the girls was a lot of fun. She's young and energetic and I think we had a lot in common. We had great chemistry, I think. We worked together well.

Sindy: Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?
Belinda: So many - The Cure, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd... Today, I listen to James Blunt, Shakira, John Mayer, The Strokes, The Killers, and a bunch of other stuff.

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