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Juvies TV Show Facts

Mar 19, 2007

If you think being grounded is bad, just check out what it's like for these kids! Juvies follows first-time offenders as they navigate the juvenile justice system. We're taking a look at this new MTV reality show.

Juvies - Main Cast

  • Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura - All of the featured young offenders appear before this Lake County Indiana Superior Court Judge.
  • Don Wruck - A defense attorney who represents many of the children who appear on the show.
  • Geoff Giorgi - A defense attorney who appears on the show.
  • Deidre Monroe - Another defense attorney who appears on the show.
  • Juvies - Season One Favorites

  • Cordell - A hard-working straight-A student, Cordell gets into a car accident in a stolen car after falling in with a bad crowd. His previously clean record comes back to help him, though, when the judge releases him on his own recognizance.
  • Dale - Dale is taken into custody after his mom reports him as a runaway. Dale says he only went to band practice, but is arrested when he comes home. Poor Dale actually seems happier in lockup than he was in his own house. He asks to be returned to his father's custody instead of going back home to his mom's and the judge agrees.
  • Juvies - Fun Facts

  • Juvies is a reality series but actors are used to reenact the alleged crimes, such as Days of Our Lives actress Jennifer Cadena.
  • Juvies premiered February 1, 2007.
  • MTV gained unprecedented access to the youth court proceedings, which are normally closed to the press.
  • Juvies - Quotes

    "I don't think that I'm a criminal. I don't think that I really did anything wrong." - Sarah

    "You're not going home today." - Judge Mary Beth Bonavetura

    "One question: Can I give my mom a hug?" - Ryan
    "Go ahead." - Judge Mary Beth Bonavetura

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