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Spectrobes - Nintendo DS Video Game Cheat Codes

Jul 10, 2018

The Spectrobes video game for Nintendo DS puts you in charge of saving the universe from an invasion of planet-eating aliens called the Krawl! You do it by digging up ancient Spectrobe fossils, bringing them back to life, and using them to battle the Krawl. But, taking an entire alien invasion on by yourself is rough stuff. It's Cheat Street to the rescue with cheat codes to help you unlock awesome Spectrobe allies and power-ups through the Code Input Card system! Check out the info below, and don't forget to come back to Cheat Street for all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs you need to power-up your fave games!

Spectrobes - Code Input Card System

The Spectrobes game has a bunch of cards that come with it. Each card has holes in it and a picture of a Spectrobe on it. If you lay the card onto the DS Touch Screen and tap the screen through the holes in a certain order, it unlocks a Spectrobe or a Custom Part power-up. Here's a picture of where all the touch spots are for the Code Input Card system.

Here's the grid of all the spots to touch in the Spectrobes Code Input Card system!

Spectrobes - Using Code Input Card Cheats

Now that you know where all the touch spots are for the Code Input Card system, here's a list of Spectrobes and power-ups you can unlock. All you have to do is head to the system in the bottom of your spaceship, enter card input mode, then tap the right sequence of spots!

Spectrobes - Unlocking Powerful Spectrobes

Rather than excavating fossils and waking them up, you can use these cheats to grab some powerful Spectrobes right away!

This Sequence
Unlocks This
2134 DAL
Aobasat Apex
1243 AHE
Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK
1243 BED
Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG
Grildragos Drafly
2134 AFJ
4123 EHI
Harumitey Lazos
1243 ECD
Inataflare Auger
1243 CHL
3412 DIF
4123 HKA
Kugaster Sonara
2134 FIH
Mossax Jetspa (Custom Color 1)
1243 AFI
1243 KEH
2134 HDI
Samurite Voltar
3412 GED
Segulos Propos
3412 CGL
4123 IHG
Shakor Bristle
2143 DEI
2134 JHI
3412 HFE
Vilakroma (Custom Color 1)
4123 ACL
Vilakroma (Custom Color 2)
1243 ICL
4123 ADC
Windora (Custom Color 1)
3412 FLI
Windora (Custom Color 2)
2134 ELC
Windora Ortex
1243 ILD
Windora Ortex (Custom Color 1)
4123 ICD
Windora Ortex (Custom Color 2)
3412 LAK
Windora Sordina
2134 IKD
Windora Sordina (Custom Color 1)
1243 HAJ
Windora Sordina (Custom Color 2)

Come back next week for more Spectrobes game cheats - unlimited Minerals, Cubes and codes to unlock the strongest Spectrobes in the game!

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