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Wild Planet - A Pirate's Life Toy Reviews

Reviewed by on Apr 13, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Put the Arrr! back in party with these cool new pirate toys from the crazy folks at Wild Planet. We review them here!

The crazy folks at Wild Planet have just busted out a bunch more fun for pirate fans with their newest A Pirate's Life toys! There's a new pocket watch with a built-in decoder, an explosive hot potato game and a sweet new waterball cannon to make looting, pillaging and plundering a whole lot easier. Here's the lowdown on each toy with our reviews!

A Pirate's Life - Pirate Pocket Watch

This plastic timepiece has a piratey skull and crossbones style to it and flips open not once, but twice with the touch of a button. It reveals a watch, a compass and a red screen for revealing secret codes. Unfortunately, the string that goes around your neck is clipped together by a flimsy plastic clip - the kind that falls apart super easy.
Pirate Pocket Watch Rating: 2
Age: 4 and up.
Price Range: 1

A Pirate's Life - Pirate Bomb Blast

Pop in some batteries, turn it on and toss it to a friend before it blows! This fun toy is a talking game of hot potato that lights up so it's great for playing in the dark. It gets boring pretty quick, but it's perfect for party games, especially pirate parties! Arrr!
Pirate Bomb Blast Rating: 3
Age: 4 and up.
Price Range: 1

A Pirate's Life - Waterball Pirate Cannon

This monster of a squirt gun spits gobs of water around rather than firing a steady stream. The range is solid and the gobs are just the right size for torturing your neighbor's [KWLINK ]cat![/KWLINK] Unfortunately, it leaks a bit and you have to crank back on a noisy handle for each shot. The noise is kinda cool, but it's an arm workout if you have to fend off an invasion of scurvy sea dogs and creepy undead without time to rest!
Waterball Pirate Cannon Rating: 4
Age: 4 and up.
Price Range: 1

A Pirate's Life Toys - Thumbs Up

  • The bomb blast toy lights up - it's perfect for nighttime party games!
  • Pirate toys are awesome.
  • A tank of water gives you lots of shots with the waterball cannon!
  • A Pirate's Life Toys - Thumbs Down

  • Be careful or you'll lose the watch!
  • The water cannon is a bit leaky.
  • Price Range Legend
    $0-$15 = 1
    $16-$30 = 2
    $31-$45 = 3
    $46-$60 = 4
    $60+ = 5

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