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NLT :: My First Concert (pg. 2)

May 08, 2007

Sindy: So did those early performances influence your debut album at all?
JJ: It's influenced our sound, definitely. We're pop and they're pop so their sound has definitely influenced us.

Sindy: What's the new album like?
JJ: It's our first album - our baby - and it's kinda picking up where groups of the past left off, but we're putting our own spin on it. It's something different. It's not just pop, it's pop influenced by different genres - old school R&B, you'll hear hip-hop in there, you'll even hear a little rock on a couple of our songs.
Kevin: It's really different. We tried to keep it fresh.

Sindy: So NTL stands for Not Like Them? What's that all about?
JJ: The reason why we're Not Like Them is that we're different than everyone else. Everyone in general - not just other boy bands or certain artist - just that we're ourselves.
Kevin: It's the combination of our vocals and our music and our performance all together. It's different.
Travis: It takes on a lot of different meanings. You can really apply it to anything.
V: It's just what we stand for and what we're about - our music and everything.

Sindy: What was the most recent concert you went to?
JJ: The Pussycat Dolls concert in Indiana, and we opened for them and stayed for the show. It was really great!

Sindy: Awesome. Thanks so much and good luck with the album.
NLT: Thank you!

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