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Sports Venues - Yankees Stadium

Oct 17, 2016

Nicknamed "The House that Ruth Built", Yankee Stadium is the home of one of pro sports' most storied franchises. Kidzworld takes a tour of this historic ballpark!

Yankee Stadium - Rich Tradition

Home of the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, Yankee Stadium opened in 1923. Back then, the stadium was better known as “The House that Ruth Built” referring to legendary Yankees' slugger Babe Ruth, who played for the team at the time. Yankee Stadium was the most innovative and unique ballparks built in that era. Most ballparks at the time only seated about 30,000 people, but Yankee Stadium pushed the envelope by seating 58,000. It was the first ballpark to be called a stadium and was the first three-tiered sports facility in the country. Yankee Stadium has seen some of the most memorable baseball games played in history. It has hosted 37 World Series which included some of the most legendary figures in baseball history - Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMagio, Lou Gerig, Roger Maris and Reggie Jackson.

Legendary Yankees' slugger Babe RuthLegendary Yankees' slugger Babe Ruth

Yankee Stadium - Notable Events

Aside from baseball, Yankee Stadium has hosted some other memorable events. There have been many famous boxing matches held at this park - including fights with Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis and Muhammed Ali. Yankee Stadium used to host college football games and from 1956 to 1973, the New York Giants of the NFL played their home games there. The Pope has held mass in Yankee Stadium and there has even been a wedding held there! Some big-name concerts have also been on display at Yankee Stadium including U2, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.

Yankee Stadium - Atmosphere

Yankee Stadium offers an experience that is different from any other baseball stadium out there. The Yankee tradition is very rich and you can feel it just being in the ball park. The fans are some of the loudest and most knowledgeable fans you will find. One of the most distinguishing features of Yankee Stadium is the series of white copper arches known as the facade. The facade sits on top of the signature outfield scoreboard and is an immaculate feature that gives the outfield a lot of character. Before, during and after the game, the fans can visit Monument Park. The park features a collection of retired numbers and a collection of monuments and plaques.

View from home plate at Yankees StadiumView from home plate at Yankees Stadium

Yankee Stadium - New Yankee Stadium

In 2009, the Yankees will move to the New Yankee Stadium. The new ballpark will be located directly across from the current Yankee Stadium, where Monument Park currently resides. The park will then relocated to the old Yankee Stadium site once the structure is torn down. The new project will cost an astronomical $1.2 billion, which makes it the most expensive sports venue in history. It will have many of the characteristics of the current Yankee Stadium, but have many of the modern features of many of the current ballparks. Yankee Stadium had not been significantly renovated since the early '70s.

Yankee Stadium – Fun Facts

  • Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx - one of New York City's five boroughs.
  • Yankee Stadium seats 57,545 people for baseball games
  • Yankee Stadium was closed for the 1974 and 1975 seasons due to renovations. The Yankees played all their home games at Shea Stadium, the home of the New York Mets.
  • Yankee Stadium will host the 2008 MLB All-Star Game. That would be the fourth All-Star Game the stadium has hosted.
  • Yankee Stadium's original cost was $2.5 million in 1923. The renovation in 1975 cost $167 million.

Sports Venues - Yankees StadiumSports Venues - Yankees Stadium
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