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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 PSP Game Cheats - Unlock Movies

Sep 07, 2007

The action-packed Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game for PSP follows the incredibly popular PS2 game with 50% more stuff! It's a combination of action, adventure and power-ups as you build your skills and improve your gear by battling monsters in single or multiplayer modes. But, why put up with being monster chow when you can kick critter butt with these game cheats from Cheat Street? It's the place to go for game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs you need to beat your fave games!

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - Unlock Videos

One of the cool things about this game is that you can find a ton of wicked videos by doing certain things. Check this list for all the videos and how to unlock them!

Video to Unlock
How to Unlock It
A Phantom Appears
Meet a Kirin
Behold The Kut-Ku
Spot Yian Kut-Ku
Burning Rock
Complete the "Volcano Gathering" Quest
Congalala Ecology
Ecnounter a Congalala
Daimyo Ecology
Meet a Daimyo Hermitaur
Daiymo Hermitaur Ecology
Beat Daiymo Hermitaur
Deep Forest Illusion
Spot Chameleos
Desert Hunter
Meet a Cephadrome
Desert Tyrant
Meet a Diablos
Diablos Ecology
Meet a Diablos
Empress of Flame
Meet a Lunastra
Gravios Ecology
Meet a Gravios
Khezu ecology
Beat Khezu
Kushala Daora Ecology
Meet a Kushala Daora
Lao Shan Lung
Spot Lao Shan Lung
Light In The Dark
Spot Khezu
Location Of Eternity
Complete the "Forest and Hills" Gathering Quest
One Horned Daiymo
Spot Daiymo Hermitaur
Plesioth Ecology
Beat Plesioth
Raging Tigrex
Meet a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
Rathian Ecology
Meet a Rathian
Roar Of The Horn
Spot Monoblos
Roar of the Wolf
Spot Yian Garuga
Shadow in the Tempest
Meet a Kushala Daora at Jungle
Silver World
Complete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest
Steel In The Blizzard
Spot Kushala Daora
Sterling Hunter
Meet a Giadrome
The Devil's Scythe
Meet a Shogun Ceanataur in 4* Elder Quest
The Green of the Land
Complete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest
The Jungle Outlaw
Meet a Congalala
The Piscine Plesioth
Spot Plesioth
The Poison Gypceros
Spot Gypceros
The Roaring King
Meet a Bulldrome
The Sly Hunter
Meet a Velocidrome
The Still Swamp
Complete the "Swamp Gathering" Quest
The Tower
Leave Camp in Tower Area
The Tyrant Tigrex
Encounter a Tigrex
The White Darkness
Meet a Blangonga
Tigrex Ecology
Meet a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
Volcanic Leader
Meet a Gravios
White Night Dune
Complete the "Desert Gathering" Quest

That's it for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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