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Sindy's Blog :: October 16, 2007

Oct 15, 2007

October 16, 2007

So I've got good news and bad news: the good news is that I presented my proposal for the school recycling program to the principal and he loved it! But I spent so much time preparing the proposal that I haven't hung out with Finn at all, which is the bad news if you haven't already guessed.

I had planned on going surfing with Finn last weekend, but I got so caught up with this project that I canceled on him. He was pretty disappointed, but said he understands how important it is to me. I still feel really bad...

My principal wants me to start getting the project off the ground next week by posting up flyers around school to collect cans and bottles and get the word out to all the students. So that leaves me some time to put it aside for a day or two to hit the beach with Finn. I just hope he's not too upset or anything. I really like him a lot and don't want things to end before they even start!

Okay, gotta jet cuz I'm meeting up with Finn tonight. Juggling school stuff with dating stuff is pretty tough... do you guys think so too? Let me know if you have for me!

Peace Out,

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