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Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game: Gladiator’s Assault Set Review

Reviewed by on Nov 15, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Unleash Jaden’s evil heroes and the invincible Cloudians with the Gladiator’s Assault set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game!

It's time for Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game players to unleash the beast! Gladiator Beasts, that is. The new Gladiator's Assault expansion set brings the new monsters, plus invincible Cloudians and Jaden's evil heroes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime TV show to the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. There are 95 new cards in this set and Gary's got the 411 for you with his Yu-Gi-Oh! card game review!

Gladiator's Assault: Monsters, Cloudians and Evil Heroes

With 95 cards in this Yu-Gi-Oh! set there's a lot of room for awesome cards. Here's a breakdown on what's hiding in the booster packs.
  • Cloudians - Indestructible monsters with cloud-token abilities.
  • Evil Heroes - Control Jaden's monsters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX cartoon!
  • Gladiator Beasts - Warrior monsters that can summon each other when they battle.
  • Roids - Not steroids, the machine monsters! They're back with a ton of cards to power up decks.
  • Plus, there are more Alien monsters, Gemini monsters and E-Hero power-ups to boost older decks!

    Gladiator's Assault - Savage Beasts and Invincibility!

    The new Gladiator Beasts are really cool, and can kick a lot of butt if you get them working properly. The Cloudians are interesting - lots of them can't be destroyed in battle so they'll last a few turns, but you still take damage when a big monster stomps all over their low ATK ratings. If you don't mind taking a few hits, there are a ton of cards to help the Cloudians, and they make great tributes for summoning other giant monsters.

    Gladiator's Assault - Awful Combos

    There are a bunch of useless cards in this set unless you're a total combo master. It's also really tricky to get the Gladiator Beasts working, and their combat weapons are useless because you're constantly putting them back in your deck so the weapon cards get wasted!

    Gladiator's Assault - Gotta Get Some?

    This is a pretty cool set. The Gladiator Beasts are fun, if you can get 'em working, and the Cloudians are great! Not only can you make decks around those two monsters, there are also lots of cards to boost older decks. Definitely grab a bunch of these cards!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Gladiator's Assault Thumbs Up:

  • The Cloudians are great fun and there are lots of cards for them!
  • Gladiator Beasts constantly summon allies and activate powers!
  • Power-ups for Alien, Gemini, Roid and E-Hero monsters.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Gladiator's Assault Thumbs Down:

  • Gladiator Beasts are hard to use!
  • Some really weird cards - only combo masters can use 'em!
  • Gladiator's Assault Set Rating: 4

    Konami Error - Elemental Hero Chaos Neos Card Misprint

    Konami, the folks that make the Yu-Gi-Oh! video games, made a boo-boo! Some of the 3-D Holographic "Elemental Hero Chaos Neos" cards have had the name printed as "Rainbow Dragon" by accident so they can't be used. If you have one of the messed-up cards and want to get a proper one, send your name, address and the messed-up card to:

    Elemental Hero Chaos Neos Redemption
    PO Box 130938
    Carlsbad, CA 92013

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