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Best Could-Be Couples

Dec 27, 2006

There are always two people on your fave show who you think should be together but aren't. Sometimes the writers put the idea in your head by making them flirt or tease each other - but sometimes you've just got this feeling... Here are Kidzworld's picks on the top five non-couples who should take the leap into couplehood.

Buffy and Spike

Let's face it people - these two are hot for each other. You can tell in the loving way they beat the snot out of each other on every single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fact is that Spike loves Buffy, and trust me no one is more upset about that than him. Except maybe her. Buffy hates the idea of another undead boyfriend, especially one who is only not making meals of people cuz of a chip in his head. But we can all see that this love/hate thing is more love than hate. It might take a while but chances are Spike and Buffy will give in to a little romance next season. But first she's got to get over the whole dead thing.

Rachel and Ross

Granted Friends has been there, done that when it comes to these two but someone has to be the daddy of Rach's baby. Our bet is on Ross. We all know Rachel and Ross never really got over each other and, admit it, some of you kinda wanted that drunken Vegas wedding to last. This new romance could be filled with much more fun than the last, especially with a baby to contend with.

Hyde and Donna

That 70s Show's Donna is single again. Except for a brief interlude with Jackie, Hyde has always been single. Eric is too much of an insecure wuss for Donna. Hyde's sarcastic wit and lazy attitude would bring out Donna's more fun side. Sure, for a while there we were all pulling for Jackie and Hyde - but Donna and Hyde would be a nice consolation prize (and make for almost as many funny moments.)

Lindsey and Cordelia

Admit it Angel fans, you saw the sparks when Lindsey was singing at Caritas and Cordy was just about drooling. Unfortunately, Wolfram and Hart's best and brightest has left LA to deal with his "evil hand issues." Of course, we all know that on a Joss Whedon show you're never gone for good - Lindsey didn't even die! Cordelia hasn't had a decent romance since Xander. The Wesley/Cordelia sparks died with a kiss. Gunn and Cordy flirted but went nowhere fast. Angel and Cordy - well we all know Angel and anyone is a dead end. So maybe Lindsey McDonald is just what this vision girl needs. He's got the perfect mix of evil-with-a-conscience. It would be great to have Lindsey back on the show - who else is Angel gonna beat up next season?

Colleen and Colby

Okay, so they aren't characters on a show. Well, they were on a show but... Anyway the point is these two are American sweethearts. Colleen was loved by all on Survivor 1 and Colby was king of Survivor 2. Sure Colby and Elisabeth would be adorable together but she's taken. Colleen and Colby would be perfect - and their kids could be on Survivor 20.

Got any other could-be couples you're dying to see get together?
For more on the people playing your fave could-be couples, open up The Vault.

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