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Kids Entertainment to Keep You Occupied for Hours

Kids—are you feeling bored in the afternoons or weekends? Are you looking for a fun source of kids' entertainment? Want to play some games, keep up with the latest movies and news, and make new fri

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Kidzworld is jampacked with fun games for all ages, interests, and skill levels. From easygoing competitions to more difficult challenges, you'll find all the latest games that you love! With all the kids' entertainment choices, you're sure to find your favorite characters and conquer levels like a pro. Make learning fun by challenging your mind and perfecting your skills, all while playing cool games.

Forums and Chat Rooms

Of all the kids' entertainment websites, Kidzworld offers a vast range of topics that every kid and teen will enjoy. In our online chat rooms, you can meet other kids from across the globe and make new friends. In our forums, you can discuss the latest in pop culture trends, like movies, music, videogames, and TV shows.


Taking quizzes is a favorite of kids' entertainment, and we have a quiz for everyone and everything! Have you ever wondered which Lion King character you are? Do you know everything about Frozen? Maybe you're a pop music trivia master! As a leader in kids entertainment websites, we've got endless quizzes for you.

News and Entertainment

Want to keep up with the latest news and trends? Kidzworld provides the best in entertainment news for kids and teens. We've got all the information you're craving, whether for movies, TV shows, video games, celebrities, or more! Whatever kids entertainment you must know right now, Kidzworld won't let you miss a beat.

More Gaming Fun

With so many online games available, it is easier than ever for you to find engaging games that educate and inform. We have gaming news for kids of all ages, and we cover all genres of gaming so that you can find the gaming content you are searching for. From math games to geography games, we have it all. Most of our games have been designed to help you learn while experiencing the joys of online entertainment. Educational games can improve memory, critical thinking, and cognitive skills. We encourage parents to participate and play along so they can learn something new along the way. Have fun!

10 Fun Games For Kids

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More Fun Quizzes

Don't stop with our games; challenge yourself to some exceptional online quizzes. These learning-based activities are sure to activate your mind and make you smarter than your siblings. We have interactive quizzes that allow you to engage, learn, and stimulate your mind, all while having fun. Using quizzes as a learning tool can promote healthy study habits and help to improve your memory. Don't wait any longer, select one of our most popular quizzes below to get started.

10 Fun Quizzes For Kids

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  2. Personality Quizzes For Kids
  3. Video Game Quizzes
  4. Career Quiz For Teens
  5. Survival Quiz For Kids
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