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Got questions about fitness, gym class, injuries, pro athletes or anything else that's related to sports? Quiz the Coach - he's got answers to all your questions

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Quiz! Which Friend Are You?

Friends is in its tenth and final season so you're bound to know tons about the gang. But do you know which Friend you are most like...

Quiz! Who's Your Valentine's Sports Crush?

Take Kidzworld's Valentine's Day-inspired Sports Crush Quiz and find out which female athlete is your perfect match.

Quiz! What's Your Artistic Style?

Your art says a lot about your personality (we bet you wonder what it's saying). Find out right here!

Quiz! Who's That Baseball Star?

Play online sports trivia and test your knowledge of your fave homerun hitters with the Who's That Baseball Star Quiz!

Test Your Cartoon Theme Song Trivia!

If you find yourself humming and singing along to all your fave toons, then take Kidzworld's cartoon theme song quiz!

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Chat about your favorite dance style in the Kidzworld's kid and teen dance forum. From hip-hop to jazz to Breakdance, you can post about all the la...


If you love baseball or softball, then this is the place for you! Chat about your favorite team or let everyone know what position you play, if it'...

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Preview vegetarian article

My dad does not approve of me being a Vegetarian because Im a Soccer Player.

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mintolover25 asks: I’ve just come back to horseback riding. I started when I was 5 and now I get scared to jump. What can I do about it?

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lovebug asks the coach, How do I make myself more fit? Find out what advice and tips Coach has for getting fit!

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softball luver asks I play competitive softball (ASA). My friends, my teachers and my whole entire SCHOOL dont believe me because they all play rec

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If you’re a young yogi (someone who loves practicing yoga) or just want a way to exercise your body and relax, certified yoga instructor Candace Morano has some tips for you! Also be sure to check Candace out online at www.explorevidyayoga.com.

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Hunter Lussi is the youngest Ironman Distance Finisher in the world. Two years ago, when he was just 13 years old, he broke an Ironman world record. Hard to believe this kid was, at one point, your average couch potato ...

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KidSport BC’s new campaign focuses on a simple message: Sports Skills Are Life Skills.

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This year our school has no basketball teams. What are some ideas I can use to be active and stay healthy, but involve basketball?

Preview skateboarding pre

On June 21 skateboarders worldwide will celebrate the fun, creativity and spirit of skateboarding. So blow off your TV, computer and video games and join in!

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If you’re a Vancouver skater you wont wanna miss Emerica’s Wild In The Streets 2009! Thousands of boarders will skateboarders participate in the event.

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