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Chaotic Card Game :: Review

Reviewed by on Jan 10, 2008
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Bust heads online and offline with a squad of monsters in the new Chaotic Trading Card Game. Here’s our review.

The world of Chaotic has arrived! It's a TV show and a card game that you can play at home with your friends, or take online and challenge the world. The Chaotic TV show is all about battles between four tribes of monsters as they battle for Cothica, a power that controls their world of Perim. The card game lets you follow in the footsteps of Tom and Kaz with codes to enter, monsters to control and battles to win. Does the 244-card game bring home the fun or is it a chaotic mess? Find out with Gary's Chaotic game review.

Welcome to ​Perim, Prepare to Battle!

The Chaotic game puts you in command of a team of monsters that you command in battle. You pick your monsters, Battlegear to power them up, Mugik cards to activate with their Mugik points, Battlefields that give you an advantage and then a stack of Attack cards to bash your opponent's [KWLINK 5706]monsters. On your turn you move your monsters. If two monsters meet, they battle by playing attack cards and comparing traits until one runs out of energy. Wipe out your opponent's monsters and you win!

The Power of Chaos!

The coolest thing about the Chaotic card game is the online game at ChaoticGame.com. You can log in there, get a free deck, unlock the rest of your cards with the code on each card and play online! There are also lots of strategies for winning - choosing your monsters and Attack cards carefully lets you use different abilities to your advantage.

Headaches and Confusion

Right now the website is in Beta. That means it's not finished yet so it's slow and clunky. The game is also a bit complicated - new players will end up with brain strain at first. You might want to ask a veteran gamer (maybe even your mom or dad!) for some help making your first deck.

Fun or Frustrating?

At the end of the day, Wow, Chaotic is fun to play. It's full of weird names and the random abilities for each monster keeps things interesting. Making decks is tricky at first, but full of strategy once you get used to it. The biggest booya is the online game though. It's like getting twice the cards and an unlimited number of friends to chat with and play against. Once it's done it'll be awesome.

Thumbs Up:

  • Use all your cards online.
  • Play online even without buying any cards!
  • Upload an entire Starter Deck with a single code!
  • Abilities are slightly different for each copy of a monster to keep things chaotic.
  • Enough strategy for expert gamers.

Thumbs Down:

  • Online game = beta = slow and clunky!
  • Making decks is a bit tricky at first.

Chaotic Rating: 5

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