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Tokio Hotel and Gavin DeGraw CD Review

Reviewed by on May 05, 2008
Rating: 3 Star Rating

German Sensation Tokio Hotel drops their first English album, Scream, and Gavin DeGraw releases a self-titled third album.

Tokio Hotel finally releases Scream, their first English album, and Gavin DeGraw drops his third disc. Kidsworld has two new reviews.

Tokio Hotel :: Scream

These four young guys from Germany have taken two ridiculously successful German language albums and put together what is sure to be a hot-selling English debut. Right now Tokio Hotel is doing the rock/emo vibe better than anyone else, and they’ve become incredibly popular world-wide as a result, with legions of loyal fans attending every show or autograph signing. On Scream, Tokio Hotel shows how polished they are for being young musicians. They pump up the crowd with energetic, rhythm heavy songs like Ready, Set, Go, get a little darker in Scream, and the rock ballads Monsoon and Rescue Me, and put the emo into emotion with Sacred and Forgotten Children. Cheers to the boys and especially Bill who worked very hard to pull off singing his strong vocals in English. Though they’ve received a lot of hype world-wide, the boys of Tokio Hotel proved that they rock, no matter what country you might live in.

Fun Facts

  • Scream contains English versions of songs from previous albums Schrei and Zimmer 483
  • The US version of Scream has two bonus tracks, Black and Raise Your Hands, plus the world premiere of 1000 Oceans.
  • In Germany, Tokio Hotel have released four number one singles and two number one albums.
  • By Your Side appears in the 2008 thriller Prom Night.

Hot Tracks

Ready, Set, Go, Monsoon, Scream, Rescue Me.

Rating: 4

Gavin DeGraw :: Gavin DeGraw

It’s hard to believe Gavin DeGraw’s first big hit, I Don’t Want to Be, topped the charts five years ago already. Now Gavin is back with a self-titled album heavy on his signature stick-in-your-head melodies. His first single is In Love With a Girl, where he sings soulfully over the guitar and piano. Later he switches it up, using heavy power chords on Medicate the Kids, where he rants against using drugs to treat ADD. Songs like Cop Stop and Next to Me continue with Gavin’s thoughtful lyrics and show that he still has a good grasp on creating moody music about boys and girls. Perfect for listening to while you’re laying on your bed deep in thought.

Fun Facts

  • This new album actually contains a lot of songs Gavin has performed across the US over the last few years.
  • Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavalleri stars in the video for the first single, In Love With A Girl.
  • Gavin’s big break came when I Don’t Want to Be was chosen as the theme song for One Tree Hill.
  • Gavin attended the Berklee College of Music.

Hot Tracks

Medicate the Kids, In Love With a Girl.


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