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Flip-It Kidz

Dec 27, 2006

Justin Lewis is 11 years old and Matthew Balick is 12. They're fairly ordinary kidz but they've developed a crazy game you can play with just one finger. These two are the brainiacs behind Flip-Itz, the collectible, tradable game of flipping fun for everyone.

Three years ago 8 year-old Justin and 9 year-old Matthew were chowing down on pizza with their families when the idea hit them. They grabbed the plastic stands from inside their pizza boxes - the ones that keep the cheese from sticking to top of the box. The two guys started flipping the stands around by pressing the middle down, then letting go. Before they knew it, everybody around them were flipping these plastic things and they realized they were on to something.

With the help of their dads, they had artists draw up Flip-Itz characters like gorilla Gus, Huey the horse, Robotica and more. They arranged for a manufacturer to produce them and started selling them at stores and online. You can buy Flip-Itz at ZanyBrainy.com. They're super-cheap, can be used to play a ton of games and you can collect and trade them. My fave is gorilla Gus, cuz he's fuzzy.

Flip-Itz are in stores now and they're doing great. "Flip-Itz have sold out at some stores and lots have been sold at Zany Brainy. We haven't made any profits yet, but hope to this year," Justin told timeforkids.com. "We're also looking for a pizza chain, like Pizza Hut and Domino's, to put Flip-Itz inside their pizza boxes instead of those regular white stands."


Flip on over to www.flip-itz.com and check it out. They have Flip-Itz games, online games and links to all kinds of Flip-Itz sites. This game proves that the best \hings in life come from pizza.

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