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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon :: DS Game Reviews

Reviewed by on May 13, 2008
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Become a Pokemon, lead a team of Pokemon adventurers, explore a huge world and save the day! We review these new games for DS.

ZOMG! You're a Pokemon! Just like the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time games start off with you waking up as a Pokemon with no memory. Before you know it, you've hooked up with a Pokemon buddy, had a battle with Pokemon villains, and become part of a huge adventure. Full of new features and options, Gary reviews these games!

Mysterious Adventure

These two games start with a Pokemon personality quiz that turns you into one of 20 Pokemon. Then you pick a Pokemon BFF and dive into the turn-based RPG adventure. You start exploring the huge world by becoming a rescue team and taking missions to help other Pokemon and capture bad guys. Along the way you gain levels, battle villains, learn new powers, build a team of Pokemon adventurers and become the hero of a wicked story.

Teamwork and Fun

Not only do you get to become a Pokemon and chat with Pokemon, you get to lead a team through dungeons full of dangers and excitement! Not only is it lots of fun, with heaps of ways to power-up your team, there's a story full of friendship, nasty villains, mystery and fun. The games are also massive so you'll be playing for ages, and have multiplayer options so you can help a friend's team if they get stuck!

Tragedy and Treachery

There's no Pokemon evolution! It's a bummer for hardcore Pokemon fans, even though it gets explained in the story. The other frustrating thing is that, unless you're really careful, you can get randomly whomped by lucky bad guys and that's a pain. At least it just kicks you out of the dungeon to start over.

Adventure or Awful?

If you like Pokemon, or RPG games, these games are awesome! Both Time and Darkness are packed with enough fun and adventure that you can dive in and play for weeks before you find it all. There are a few flaws, but there's so much awesome that even non-Pokemon fans can enjoy these games.


Check out these sweet Pokemon videos! All you have to do is click!
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Heroes Video 1 - .mov file (12MB)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Heroes Video 2 - .mov file (12MB)
  • Thumbs Up:

  • There's a Pokemon personality quiz!
  • Become a Pokemon and talk to other Pokemon.
  • Lead a team of up to four Pokemon.
  • You can rescue a friend's Pokemon team.
  • A huge adventure and a massive world = weeks of adventure!
  • Thumbs Down:

  • No evolution!
  • Easy to get clobbered.
  • Game Rating: 5

    Available for: DS.

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