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Kung Fu Panda :: Xbox 360 Gameplay Preview

May 13, 2008

[kwlink]Kung Fu Panda[/kwlink] is the upcoming animated movie about Po the pudgy panda becoming a martial arts master and joining the Furious Five to challenge uber-villain Tai Lung. The movie stars [kwlink]Jack Black[/kwlink], [kwlink]Angelina Jolie[/kwlink], [kwlink]Jackie Chan[/kwlink], [kwlink]Lucy Liu[/kwlink], [kwlink]Dustin Hoffman[/kwlink] and [kwlink]Seth Rogen[/kwlink] in what's sounding like an awesomely funny flick. The [kwlink]Kung Fu Panda video game[/kwlink] drops on June 6, 2008 but Gary got a chance to test out a few levels in advance and here's the scoop on the game!

Level One: Po's Dream

While snoozing, Po dreams about being the legendary Dragon Warrior. He starts out decked out in the awesome Dragon Warrior outfit - a golden dragon on a white tunic plus a big ole' hat. A pig says "Hello stranger!" and then the level starts. It's basically a walkthrough of the game basics - how to chat, track quests with your Journal, grab coins for upgrades, use Po's moves and bash bad guys plus the 411 on power-ups.

The action starts when you hit a bridge and some axe-wielding boars pick a fight. They're easy to clobber and each blow builds your Awesome Meter - increasing your damage and, if you fill it, stunning nearby enemies!

Kung Fu Panda for Xbox 360!

Past the boars you find lots of stuff to smash and collect, plus boxes you can jump on and push around, as you explore the level. Eventually a bigger boar challenges you, then you wander into a noodle house full of boars and a huge brawl starts. Grar! In the middle of the fight, Po gets buried by small enemies and you have to pound the B button to throw 'em off!

After that battle, Po curls up into a ball and rolls across the rooftop to the next area where he learns his first Chi move - Panda Quake! This powerful move lets Po slam the ground, damaging everything nearby and it is full of the awesome!

Clobbering a few more boars calls out their boss - a huge green-eyed bruiser with the Sword of Heroes. He gets a boss health bar across the bottom of the screen and has powerful slashing attacks. Before you beat him, check near where you entered the area to find the Po figurine, then go make bacon. Mmm... bacon...

When the boss boar falls, Po grabs his sword. Then, with a mighty roar, a 30' tall Tai Lung bursts out of a nearby building to smash Po! GRAAAR!!! But, before battle can begin, Po's dad wakes him up and insists that the snoozin' panda help him deliver soup. Awww... Po's real life sucks noodles!

  • [kwlink]Click Here[/kwlink] for Level Two: Tournament of the Dragon Warrior.
  • [kwlink]Click Here[/kwlink] for Level Three: Level Zero and game tips!
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